Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes: Live at the Greek – A Rock Milestone

Live at the Greek: Excess All Areas is a monumental double live album by the legendary Jimmy Page and the dynamic rock band The Black Crowes. Initially released by musicmaker.com on February 29, 2000, and later reissued by TVT Records on July 4, 2000, this album captures the electric energy of their collaboration.

A Historic Collaboration in October 1999, Jimmy Page, the iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist, teamed up with The Black Crowes for a two-night performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The concerts featured a blend of Led Zeppelin classics and timeless blues and rock standards. The synergy between Page’s unparalleled guitar skills and the Crowes’ powerful rock sound made for an unforgettable live experience.

However, the collaboration wasn’t without its challenges. Chris Robinson, the lead singer of The Black Crowes, later reflected on the experience with mixed feelings. “I didn’t really have that much fun doing it,” Robinson said. “It was alright, and Jimmy’s a phenomenal guitarist, but to me it was just a job. I’m not a big fan of Robert Plant’s lyrics or his singing, so that part of it was a little boring for me.”

Contractual Hurdles. Despite the successful live performances, contractual issues with The Black Crowes’ record company prevented the inclusion of their original songs in the live album. Songs such as “Wiser Time,” “No Speak No Slave,” “Remedy,” and “Hard to Handle” were performed live but were excluded from the album.

The Double CD Release. The double CD released in 2000 featured a different running order, an additional song, an enhanced QuickTime video, and concert photographs. The album is a treasure trove for rock enthusiasts, showcasing the raw and unfiltered power of the live performances. Notably, the Japanese version of the album includes two extra tracks, “Misty Mountain Hop” and “In the Light,” recorded in 2000.

The Bassist Controversy. A unique footnote in the album’s history involves bassist Sven Pipien. Fired between the two releases of the album, Pipien was airbrushed out of the group photo in the centerfold of the TVT Records version and all subsequent vinyl reissues. The original image remains on the musicmaker.com CD and can also be seen on a Jimmy Page blog.

Track List Highlights. The album features an array of Led Zeppelin hits and blues standards, capturing the essence of rock history. Key tracks include:

Celebration Day
Custard Pie
Sick Again
What Is and What Should Never Be
Shapes of Things to Come
Sloppy Drunk
Ten Years Gone

These tracks exemplify the seamless blend of Page’s iconic guitar riffs with The Black Crowes’ robust and soulful rock sound.

Live at the Greek: Excess All Areas stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Jimmy Page and the musical prowess of The Black Crowes. Despite the challenges and mixed feelings, the album captures a moment in rock history where two powerhouse forces joined to create something truly memorable. Whether you’re a Led Zeppelin fan, a Black Crowes enthusiast, or simply a lover of live rock music, this album is an essential addition to your collection.Jimmy Page

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