Becoming Led Zeppelin

Sony Pictures Classics has finally secured the rights to the much-anticipated documentary “Becoming Led Zeppelin,” signaling that fans may soon get a glimpse into the inner workings of one of rock’s most iconic bands. The acquisition, announced by the company on May 14, marks the end of a years-long wait for enthusiasts eager to delve into the story behind Led Zeppelin.

This distribution agreement encompasses territories across North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia (excluding Japan), and Benelux, as outlined in the press release. However, there’s been no indication yet of a distributor for the UK market.

The press release tantalizingly hints at several enhancements to the film since its previous screenings in 2021. Notably, it boasts a “brand-new sound mix” and “previously unreleased material from the archives of all four band members, including personal home videos and family photographs.”

Furthermore, the release promises an array of Led Zeppelin footage, spanning significant performances such as those at The Fillmore East (January 1969), The Atlanta Pop Festival (July 1969), and The Texas Pop Festival (August 1969).

However, it’s worth scrutinizing these claims. Firstly, the reference to footage from The Fillmore West in January 1969 may be inaccurate, as it’s more likely to be footage from The Fillmore East. 8mm recordings from Led Zeppelin’s performance at The Fillmore East on January 31, 1969, have been circulating among fans for years. Still, there’s a possibility of recent discoveries within Bill Graham’s vaults.

Secondly, despite reports from multiple sources suggesting otherwise, there’s no mention of footage from the Bath Festival in 1970 being included in the documentary’s latest version. Intriguingly, Variety acknowledged LedZepNews’ reporting on this matter in its coverage of the film’s acquisition.

Notably absent from this week’s announcement were comments from Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. Both musicians have refrained from participating in any promotional activities for the film since issuing statements upon its initial announcement on May 9, 2019.

Reflecting on the film’s progress, Jimmy Page expressed his excitement, stating, “When I saw the early cut of the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, it was amazing. The energy of the story, and the power of the music, is phenomenal.” With such enthusiasm from the band’s legendary guitarist, fans can eagerly anticipate the forthcoming release of “Becoming Led Zeppelin.”

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