RPWL – True Live Crime

RPWL - True Live Crime
Friday Night Lights
03 May 09:00 PM
Until 03 May, 10:15 PM 1h 15m

RPWL - True Live Crime

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RPWL Continues to Thrive with "True Live Crime"

With the unveiling of "True Live Crime," RPWL once again defies the constraints of time. This latest release showcases the band at the pinnacle of their abilities, delivering a performance filled with passion and precision.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for RPWL as they introduced their eleventh studio album, "Crime Scene," to the world. Upon its release, the album swiftly climbed various charts, securing an impressive No. 18 spot on the fiercely competitive German album charts. However, the journey did not conclude there. Embarking on an extensive European tour spanning eight countries, RPWL treated fans to electrifying performances in packed venues, many of which were sold out well in advance.

As evident in "True Live Crime," "Crime Scene" naturally took center stage during these performances. The band presented the album in its entirety, interspersed with select gems from their extensive catalog dating back to 1997. Accompanied by mesmerizing light shows and meticulously crafted video clips, RPWL transformed each performance into a multisensory experience. Guitarist Kalle Wallner reflects, "With RPWL, the live versions often take on a life of their own. We like to stretch our legs and jam on stage."

One standout performance was captured in the Netherlands, where the iconic Poppodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer served as the venue. Singer Yogi Lang reminisces, "It was the perfect setting – fantastic stage, lighting, the epitome of prog in the Netherlands. We've built a special bond with this venue over the years."

RPWL experienced a revitalization in 2022, welcoming bassist Markus Grützner and drummer Marc Turiaux into the fold, forming a rhythm section of unparalleled prowess. Together with keyboardist Butsch Keys and vocalists Caroline von Brünken and Carmen Tannich, the seven-piece ensemble exuded an energy and cohesion that was palpable on stage – a true testament to their musical synergy.

For over two decades, RPWL has remained a stalwart presence in the global art rock scene, captivating audiences with their intricate soundscapes and virtuosic musicianship. From humble beginnings as a Pink Floyd cover band to becoming Germany's foremost art rock act, RPWL's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

"True Live Crime" is available in Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos surround sound, as well as double vinyl and double CD formats.

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