Rediscovering a Legendary Night with Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention at Whisky A Go Go, 1968

For fans of Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, a monumental event from music history is being unveiled after 55 years. On July 23, 1968, the iconic Whisky A Go Go played host to an unforgettable all-night performance by Zappa and his avant-garde ensemble. Recorded with the intention of creating a live album, the tapes from that night have remained largely unheard, collecting dust in Zappa’s Vault. Now, music enthusiasts have the chance to experience the entirety of this historic concert with the release of a 3-CD set, available for $47.98.

This long-awaited release, set to ship on June 21, 2024, captures all three sets performed that evening, meticulously remixed to bring the night’s magic back to life. The collection also features insightful liner notes from Joe Travers, Pamela Des Barres, and an engaging interview with Alice Cooper conducted by Ahmet Zappa. This release not only promises a sonic journey through Zappa’s eclectic repertoire but also offers a glimpse into the cultural zeitgeist of the late 1960s.

Tracklist Breakdown

CD 1:

  1. Whisky Improvisation: Episode I
  2. America Drinks & Goes Home
  3. Help, I’m A Rock / Transylvania Boogie
  4. My Boyfriend’s Back
  5. Bust His Head
  6. Tiny Sick Tears Jam
  7. “The Purpose Of This Evening…”
  8. Whisky Improvisation: Episode II
  9. Status Back Baby
  10. Memories Of El Monte
  11. Oh, In The Sky
  12. Valerie

CD 2:

  1. “Fun & Merriment”
  2. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
  3. King Kong – Part 1
  4. King Kong – Part 2
  5. Octandre
  6. Whisky Improvisation: Episode III
  7. Meow
  8. God Bless America
  9. Presentation Of Wings
  10. Plastic People
  11. Della’s Preamble
  12. The Duke – Take 1
  13. The Duke – Take 2
  14. Khaki Sack

CD 3:

  1. The Whip
  2. Whisky Chouflée
  3. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
  4. Brown Shoes Shuffle
  5. Continued (Bonus Vintage Mixes)
  6. The Whip (FZ Mix)
  7. Hungry Freaks, Daddy (FZ Mono Mix)

A Musical Time Capsule

This release is more than just an album; it’s a time capsule that captures the innovative spirit and experimental energy of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention. From the chaotic brilliance of “Whisky Improvisation: Episode I” to the satirical punch of “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It,” the setlist showcases the band’s wide-ranging talents and Zappa’s unparalleled creativity.

Exclusive Insights and Memories

Accompanying the music are liner notes that enrich the listening experience. Joe Travers, known for his work as the “Vaultmeister” of Zappa’s archives, provides expert commentary on the recordings. Pamela Des Barres, a celebrated author and former member of the GTOs, offers her personal reflections on the era. Additionally, an interview with Alice Cooper by Ahmet Zappa provides a unique perspective from one of rock’s most theatrical performers.

Pre-Order and Availability

Fans eager to own this piece of music history can pre-order the 3-CD set, which ships on June 21, 2024. For those considering payment options, the set is available for purchase with Affirm on orders over $50, offering a flexible way to acquire this collector’s item.

In sum, the release of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention’s complete Whisky A Go Go performance from 1968 is a landmark event for music aficionados. It offers a rare opportunity to experience the full scope of an evening that epitomized the adventurous and boundary-pushing nature of Zappa’s artistry. Don’t miss the chance to own this definitive chronicle of a night that has finally been brought from the Vault to your stereo.