Windows 11 Task Manager now allows creating live kernel memory dumps; Apple TV and Apple Music previews hit the Microsoft Store

Microsoft recently released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25276 to the Dev Channel. This build brings with it changes to the Task Manager, availability of Apple apps previews in the Microsoft Store, and several other changes.

For those not aware, Task Manager already allows creation of memory dumps for user mode processes while this option is greyed out for kernel mode processes.

In the recently released Insider Preview Build 25276, it is now possible to generate a live kernel memory dump for kernel mode processes such as System simply by right clicking and choosing the appropriate dump required. This allows developers to capture a live kernel memory dump while the OS continues to work. Dumps are written to %LocalAppData%MicrosoftWindowsTaskManagerLiveKernelDumps.

Generally, kernel dumps are created during what is known as a “bug check” or “Stop error”. A bug check happens whenever the OS crashes due to faulty hardware or software. Bug checks create dumps in the default Windows directory. Bug check dumps can also be manually triggered using tools such as Microsoft’s own Sysinternals NotMyFault tool.

The new Task Manager also offers a few configuration options for the dumps including the ability to choose whether or not to include Hypervisor pages and user pages.

Apple TV and Apple Music previews now in Microsoft Store

Apart from improvements to the Task Manager, Microsoft is also making available the first preview versions of Apple Music and Apple TV on the Microsoft Store. This follows the integration of iCloud into the Photos app that was announced last October. 

Apple Music and Apple TV are currently in Preview and do have some rough edges, but the apps are otherwise working fine and sport a native Windows 11 look given they are made using Windows App SDK (the successor to UWP). 

Installing the new Apple Music Preview requires first uninstalling iTunes if present. Authorize your computer and you are off to streaming your library. Apple TV supports 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos on Windows and also comes with a floating mini player mode.

There’s also a new Apple Devices app for managing your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, but it is non-functional at the moment.

The good news is that you can try out Apple apps right away on public builds without having to enroll in any Preview channel. The catch, however, is that these apps are only available in the US region at the moment although they seem to work with global Apple accounts.

Other changes in this build include a new network troubleshooting experience in the Get Help app, a consolidated storage quota bar in Account settings, and other minor design and security changes. As always with Insider Previews, things are still work in progress and are not recommended for use on production machines.

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