Ticketmaster accused of misleading practice in sale of insurance

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A consumer law firm has filed a class action suit against Ticketmaster, accusing the company of using a “misleading and deceptive” process to sell insurance policies on event tickets online.

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The firm says Ticketmaster is not adequately informing clients of the cost of insurance when they purchase a ticket. Clients are asked if they want to “protect” their purchase, but “the price of the insurance is not mentioned and is not subsequently added to the total price,” the lawsuit says.

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Client Mathieu Trudel purchased tickets to see Les Cowboys Fringants, but says he only learned of the cost of insurance once the transaction was complete.

He became aware of the extra charge when he received the confirmation email, which noted his purchase had been protected. The insurance was $16 before taxes, representing 12 per cent of the pre-tax value ($132) of his two tickets.

The frustration Ticketmaster customers have been feeling with insurance costs was made public by La Presse last week.

Ticketmaster is violating the Consumer Protection Act, according to the law firm. Merchants are required to present all sums to be paid by the customer. The information must be presented in an obvious way.

The motion asks the courts to force Ticketmaster to stop the practice. It’s also asking the company to reimburse the insurance plus damages of $200 per plaintiff for the inconvenience to clients.

Ticketmaster did not immediately respond to Presse Canadienne.

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