This funky, throwback rock band could be the next breakout artist out of Michigan

ROYAL OAK, MI – They’ve got a funky, 70s throwback rock vibe happening and they could be the next breakout band to emerge from Michigan.

We caught up with Mac Saturn as they embark on their first headline tour, which takes them all over the country before returning home for two shows at Ann Arbor’s Blind Pig on March 31 and April 1. Tickets to all of their shows can be purchased here.

This band is Michigan through and through. They’re all from Metro Detroit, live together and say they have no plans to live, work or record anywhere else.

“We wanted to stay home because not only are we from here, but Detroit and Motown influences are big with our foundation,” keyboardist Evan Mercer told MLive. “We all have different styles and influences, but the Motown sound is a very big part of how we grew up and it’s right here. Why would we go somewhere else?”

“We built this band in Detroit and when we were doing that, the people around us believed in us from day one and they’re all here,” added guitarist Nick Barone. “That showed us we didn’t have to go to California or Nashville to make it happen and if we do make it happen here, that could really mean something. Our goal is to plant our feet here and make something that matters here.”

Mac Saturn has only given people a small taste of what’s to come, but it’s made a lot of their fans hungry for more. They released their first EP, “Until The Money Runs Out” a few months ago. It consists of five songs, including “Diamonds,” which has a 70s crime TV show theme song aura to it.

“Our sound comes from all of our own music tastes. Us living together and being together in the same house, we would go through phases where we’d listen to the same things and watch the same movies,” lead singer Carson Macc told MLive. “When we were writing “Diamonds,” in that phase we were all living together and watching a bunch of spy films and different types of thrillers.”

“There’s elements of all of our tastes in each song,” added Barone. “‘Diamonds’ is a great example. At face value, it has the 70s cop chase vibe. The lyrics, though, are story-driven. ‘Diamonds’ marks the beginning of our songwriting process.”

Even though the band has only released a handful of songs, they have plenty more in the bag which they plan to essentially test out on tour as they eventually release more.

“Most of our songs are unreleased,” said Barone. “We have a huge catalog and we’re working on music all the time in the studio that’s on its way out. These concerts are our opportunity to craft these songs, see what parts may be falling flat with the audience and make them sound even better and fine tune them. We have so many songs in the backlog that there’s always something we can try out.”

Their first headline tour just started this week with shows in Cleveland, Washington, D.C. and Hartford. They opened for Dirty Honey last year and say one of the things that excited them the most was that a lot of people knew their music.

“We have no idea what to expect on this headline tour,” said guitarist Mike Moody. “The thing that blew our minds on tour last year was when people would sing our songs back to us. Now that we’re headlining, I think the fans have more of an expectation of us because they know some of our tunes.”

One of those songs fans seem to know most of the words to is “Mr. Cadillac,” a catchy tune people can’t help but move and shake to.

“On the way home from touring with Dirty Honey, we headlined a few shows and that showed how different it is to be opening and headlining,” added drummer Angelo Coppola. “When you’re headlining, everyone is there for you. They know the songs. It’s a completely different responsibility to put on an even better show for those people.”

Mac Saturn says they’re just beginning to scratch the surface on what’s to come and hope whatever path they take in the near future will get them to where they want to be in the long run.

“We’d like to play Europe, eventually,” said Macc. “Really, right now, the phase we’re in, we want to release more music this year, get into more markets, into more cities we haven’t performed in yet and show them what we can offer. We’d like to play more cities in the U.S. and Canada which we haven’t been to and keep this thing growing.”


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