The Connection Between Paul McCartney’s Wings and Pink Floyd That Had Nothing to Do With Music

Paul McCartney and The Beatles were already worldwide sensations when Pink Floyd formed. The two bands shared the spotlight in London in the late 1960s, but the members rarely crossed paths at the time. Floyd bassist Rogers Waters met John Lennon only once and called it a regrettable encounter. Still, one thread connected McCartney’s band Wings to Pink Floyd in the 1970s.

Paul McCartney (center) stands between Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason (left) and guitarist David Gilmour in 2005
Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason (left), Paul McCartney, and Floyd guitarist David Gilmour | Dave Hogan/Live 8 via Getty Images

Paul McCartney called on Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour for several records

Working on Pink Floyd records kept guitarist David Gilmour plenty busy for much of the 1970s. Still, he and Paul had the first of several collaborations in 1979 when Gilmour played guitar on the Wings album Back to the Egg.

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