The Collective Force of World Traditional Music with çhâñt élečtrónïqùe at Monroe’s Live

Exploring world music in a new and exciting way, çhâñt éle?trónïqùe are an international collective of musicians who are championing traditional song through a contemporary lens. With powerful vocal harmonies combined with electronica beats, this is a hypnotic fusion of culture and identity, formed with a passion for storytelling and connection to our ancestral past.

Together, çhâñt éle?trónïqùe bring the musical history of their homelands to the stage at Monroe’s Live on Thursday, January 12, at 8pm. With influences from Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia, Portugal and France, this ensemble are dedicated to reigniting the past with vocals and rhythm infused with the soul of native musicianship.

Strasbourg-based Darragh Quinn is the Irish connection in this collective. He is joined by Louise Calzada, Nils Peschanski and Raphael Hardy from France, Croatia based musicians Nenad Kova?ic and Dunja Bahtijarevi?, and Teresa Melo Campos from Portugal.

“We are really excited to be coming to Galway!” says Darragh. “It’s our first time in Ireland and we’ve heard about the great music scene in Galway and are delighted to be playing there.”

Driven by curiosity and a passion for the traditional, they take international folk back to its roots and enhance it with synth based rhythms. The dynamic of the collective ensures they learn from one another, sharing songs passed through generations, and presenting them to a new audience.

Not only that, they bring natural soundscapes into their work, whether it’s the creak of a gate or the sway of a cornfield. It’s modern and mythical with a primal force. They understand that traditional folk music was functional by design.

On the one hand, it could be the lilt of a lullaby to entice a child to sleep or on the other hand, a stoic march to reflect the repetition of a working task. At times, it has been created as a call to action for the masses.

Such lessons woven through lyrics and melody are not lost thanks to the craft of çhâñt éle?trónïqùe. They echo the meaning of the original work, carving out a haunting interpretation that can be both meditative and challenging. At its heart, çhâñt éle?trónïqùe uncover the true intention of the original song, and diffuse it through a kaleidoscope of electronic mastery.

Don’t miss your chance to discover the voices and beats of this eclectic international collective at Monroe’s Live on Thursday, January 12. Tickets cost €22 and are available from www.monroes.ie

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