The Classic Led Zeppelin Song Robert Plant Called ‘Ridiculous’ 

One of Led Zeppelin’s most famous songs is also one that singer Robert Plant considers humorous. He doesn’t dislike the song — he describes it as great — but he does think it’s more than a little ridiculous. Because of this, he’s happy to see the song reach new audiences, particularly children.

A black and white picture of Robert Plant singing into a microphone with his shirt open.
Robert Plant |  vCaem/Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns

Led Zeppelin wrote ‘Immigrant Song’ on a flight from Iceland

While traveling back from Reykjavik, Iceland, Led Zeppelin wrote “Immigrant Song,” one of their most well-known songs. They were there on a cultural exchange as guests of the Icelandic government. Plant felt so inspired by his time in the country that the band was able to rapidly complete the song.

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