Taupō concert-goers asked to support the cause

The Taupō Summer Concert in full swing. Photo / Supplied

Those enjoying a refreshment at the Taupō Summer Concert might want to consider a toast to good health for Karis Anderson.

For Karis, the concert should be a chance to relax and take her mind off the chemotherapy and myriad other treatments that come with stage four colon cancer.

The Taupō woman was just living her life like everyone else until a backache started keeping her awake at night four months ago. Four weeks later came news that was hard to believe.

Karis and Arlo Anderson enjoy some time together. Photo / Supplied
Karis and Arlo Anderson enjoy some time together. Photo / Supplied

“Total shock when [the doctor] came back and said she was so sorry but that I had stage four colon cancer, metastasized to the liver and lymph nodes.”


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As a sole parent to four-year-old Arlo Anderson, and to help her cope with the pain and the chemotherapy and other medications, she moved back in with her parents.

It’s a new experience for 32-year-old Karis, who has always been self-reliant, super- organised and not one to ask others for anything. However, the best medications and treatments are not fully funded and although she has a basic health insurance, it is not enough to cover the huge costs.

When the promoters of the Summer Concert Tour — Greenstone Entertainment — decided Karis should be the first person to gain from a new fundraising initiative, she was happy for the help but not totally ready to leap into the spotlight.

Greenstone CEO Amanda Calvert said they recently decided to select someone each year from the local communities in which they stage events, who is facing adversity and to help them out.


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“Each year we hear of people in our region who are working through their own personal life challenges and we thought our shows could be a nice vehicle to help assist them, and to play our small part in helping them through their journey.”

So, at the Taupō concert on February 4, anyone buying refreshments at one of the bars will also be able to add a donation to the cause when they pay.

“We hope everyone on the day will get behind it and collectively help to make a difference in Karis’s fight to beat this,” Amanda says.

Karis has had four sessions of chemotherapy and has received positive news from her latest CT scan, that the cancerous tumour, lesions and lymph nodes have shrunk significantly. This is just the start of Karis’ journey, she will continue with chemotherapy and hopes that the next CT scan will show more shrinkage.

She says it’s amazing that Amanda and Greenstone Entertainment had reached out to help, even if she’s not one for a lot of fuss.

Until now, her Givealittle page has been well supported by family and friends and her employer MB Century Taupō has been hugely supportive in her Journey.

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