Seeing RBD Could Be Cheaper Than The Last KISS Concert In Mexico

  • Since last March, according to Live Nation reports, more than 70 million tickets have been sold for concerts, festivals and other events.

  • In Mexico, between March and June 2020, the music industry registered losses of up to 500 million pesos.

  • RBD is one of the most successful products to emerge from Mexican television and, more specifically, from Televisa, considered one of the most important telenovelas for millennials.

Not long ago the RBD meeting became official, scheduling a concert at Foro Sol in Mexico City for December 1 of this year.

As a consequence of the global health emergency, the music industry turned out to be one of the hardest hit both in Mexico and around the world. According to data published by the Survey Music Mexico impact COVID-19Between March and June 2020, the industry in our country registered losses of up to 500 million pesos.

Under this context, PwC estimates indicate that, in 2021, the music industry in Mexico it reached income of 814.64 million dollars in terms of recordings and the few shows that were offered live during that year. And it is that, the shortage of concerts and festivals had a significant impact on the people who based their income on this industry, from members of staffmusicians, dancers, etc.

For its part, 2022, taking into account that the lethality of Covid-19 has reduced significantly, was considered the year of recovery for the industry. And so it was, since, since March of last year, Mexico positioned itself as one of the most active countries in terms of the number of concerts that began to take place in various parts of the country.

Having said the above, it is worth remembering a report published by Live Nationwhich reveals that, until March 2022, more than 70 million concert tickets had already been solda figure that is equivalent to 36 percent more compared to the same period in 2019.

Undoubtedly, for fans of live music it was necessary to return to the old practices of concerts and festivals, which is why Corona Capital, to mention one example, sold out a few hours after tickets went on sale.

Seeing RBD could be cheaper than the last KISS concert in Mexico

In the last hours, the name of RBD was placed in the trends on social networks after the alleged prices for their next concert at the Foro Sol, in CDMX, were announced.

It should be noted that, at the moment, the information has not been published by Ticketmaster, but some speculation has been made in this regard, taking into account the prices for the Billie Eilish show, who will also perform at said venue. According to the information that has been handled, the tickets for RBD would be the following:

  • Orange C: $676
  • Green C: $820
  • Orange B: $986
  • Orange A: $1,996
  • Green B: $2,596
  • Green A: $3,696

Taking these prices into account, considering that they are those intended for the general public (not VIP or similar), It would be more expensive to see RBD than even the last concert of the KISS band in Mexico, which was part of the most recent edition of the Hell & Heaven Festival and that the three-day ticket had a general cost of between $3,780.00 – $4,200.00.

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