Robert Plant Said ‘School of Rock’ Helped Take ‘the Hammer’ to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Myth’

In 2003, School of Rock premiered and featured songs by artists including The Clash, Stevie Nicks, the Ramones, and Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin songs are notoriously difficult to gain permission to use, but singer Robert Plant said he was happy to see the film use his song. Plant enjoyed the movie and the way it helped blow up Led Zeppelin’s myth.

Robert Plant wears black and stands in front of a white background.
Robert Plant | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Jack Black filmed a video to ask Led Zeppelin for permission to use their music in ‘School of Rock’

In School of Rock, there is a scene in which Jack Black, playing substitute teacher Dewey Finn, sings “The Immigrant Song” in a van with his students. Black and director Richard Linklater wanted Zeppelin’s music in the film, but they knew the band didn’t often let people use their songs. So, they made a direct appeal to the group. Linklater told Black he should beg the band, and he did, with the help of a large audience.

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