Peter Andre reveals his relief as he embraces dad bod and prepares to turn 50 this year

THINK of Peter Andre in the nineties and you think of one thing – his six-pack. 

But as he turns 50 in 2023, the Aussie pop star has realised there’s more to life than rock-hard abs.

Peter Andre is going meat-free this January


Peter Andre is going meat-free this JanuaryCredit: Beyond Meat
The singer has eased off his gruelling ab workouts as he approaches 50


The singer has eased off his gruelling ab workouts as he approaches 50Credit: Getty

He said: “I found that I put the pressure on myself to look good when I was younger – I was always training! 

“I don’t put that pressure on myself now though, and I’ve got the right balance. 

“I’ve realised it’s okay to eat what I want some days and eat healthy and train on the others.”

In 1996 Peter stormed the UK charts with his hit Mysterious Girl – and wowed fans by showing off his pecs in the music video.

Later, he confessed he felt the pressure to maintain his ripped physique – and would starve himself for days followed by periods of binge eating.

But now he says the young stars of today face the same body pressures – but now brought on by the quest for perfection on social media. 

He said: “I do think it’s mostly women who feel the pressure to look young.

“But men and women in showbiz can feel pressure especially with social media and filters.” 

But Peter credits his good looks with giving up alcohol ten years ago – thanks to NHS doctor wife Emily MacDonagh, 32.

He said: “I stopped drinking about ten years ago, it just happened. Emily doesn’t drink so I never got back into it.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drinking, for me it was more about feeling good.

“The only thing I miss is having a nice glass of wine with dinner, that’s the only thing I might do again.”

And he says next year will be a big year for the Andre’s – including kids with ex Katie Price Junior, 17, and Princess, 15.

He said: “Next year Princess will be doing her GCSES, Junior will be turning 18, I’m turning 50 so I’ve already put in place throughout the year to be fit.”

Clean living Peter won’t be celebrating with a big birthday blowout.

Instead, he’s opting to go on a holiday with Junior, Princess, Emily, and their children Amelia, eight, and Theodore, six. 

He said: “I don’t want a party. I just want to go away with my family, the best joy I get is being with Emily and the kids.

“I’ll meet up with a few different people and do a dinner, but the thought of one big party just doesn’t interest me.”

Peter is also celebrating a big career milestone – 30 years since his first single Drive Me Crazy was released after he won New Faces TV competition in Australia. 

His third single Mysterious Girl hit number two in the UK charts. He then reached the number one spot with follow-up single Flava. 

Pete then didn’t release any music and moved back to Australia – until he fatefully signed up to ITV’s I’m A Celebrity in 2004.

After leaving the jungle, he rereleased Mysterious Girl which went to number one.

He then had a string of reality shows with Katie Price until their 2009 divorce. 

Three years later he met NHS medic Emily and they married three years later. 

And as Peter reflects back on his career, he can’t believe how far he’s come. 

He said: “It just seems crazy that I’m going to be 50, and did I think I’d still be doing what I’m doing thirty years later? 

“The weirdest thing is, when I was 13 years old, I said to my parents and siblings that I was going to make it one day.

“I told them I was going to return to England and sell out Wembley Arena. They were like, ‘okay, good for you and good luck!’ 

“I mean who’s going to believe that? 

“But ten years later I sold out Wembley Arena just like I predicted.”

Now Pete is bringing out his first album in eight years and doing a string of UK shows.

He revealed that he’s been writing songs with Take That’s Gary Barlow, 51, and Ricky Wilson, 44, from the Kaiser Chiefs.

He said: “I’ve got two big milestones next year. One is 30 years of me being in the entertainment industry and the other is me turning 50.

“But what I’m going to concentrate on is the 30 because it just sounds better! 

“We’re doing five very small shows, they’re not a concert and it’s not an evening with, but we’re going to create my life in a theatre kind of way. 

“There will be a bit of acting, a bit of singing and a bit of dancing, it’s going to be like going to see a west end show, but it’s my life.

“It’s something unique. I’m also putting an album together because I’ve not done one for years and it’s just a bit of fun and why not?

“It’ll be my first one in eight years and hopefully we’ll do a concert tour later in the year.

“I’ve written a couple of tracks with Gary Barlow and with Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser chiefs. 

“I’ve also written with Lady Leshurr but I’ve done quite a few of them on my own.

“What I might do is throw in a few of the original demos, when you hear the original demo of Mysterious girl it’s very very different so we might do that as part of celebration. 

“We might also remaster a few of the original tracks.”

He says the key to longevity in showbiz is staying humble and being a nice bloke.

Pete said: “If you’re a nice person you show respect then what happens, and that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to fall, but they won’t kick you when you’re down.

“And they’ll probably offer their hand if you need a lift up. I’ve been a bit arrogant in the past, the way I used to act, I’m like oh god, but my dad always taught me, and it’s something I tell my kids, don’t make the same mistake, make new ones. 

“You are always going to make mistakes but the learning point is not making the same mistakes again.”

But family man Peter says although he’s making music again his family still come first. 

“I’m so fired up and determined and make next year a really successful work year. But it’s also about getting the balance right.

“One thing I don’t want to let slip is how much time I spend with my family because these are the years that are so important.

“Whether that’s Theo losing his first tooth, or Millie winning a swimming competition, I don’t want to miss any of that.”

Pete has teamed up with plant-based Beyond Meat to inspire the nation to take the first steps towards a more plant-based diet this Veganuary. 

And has launched a competition giving readers the chance to cook a special plant-based dinner with him, in London, on Saturday 28th January as part of a two night luxury weekend away.

Pete said: “I’m a flexitarian, I love my meat but it’s about making those small changes to your diet especially as we head in January. 

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“I’m a believer in a little bit of everything.”

For the chance to meet Peter Andre and find out more about the #FirstStepBeyond competition readers can visit

Peter is a keen cook and likes rustling up flavourful dishes


Peter is a keen cook and likes rustling up flavourful dishesCredit: Beyond Meat

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