Panel held for local artists at JXN Indie Music Week

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Local aspiring singers, musicians and producers got the chance to learn from those in the business at Saturday’s “Do the Knowledge” panel.

The panel is part of JXN Indie Music Week. Local talent were able to speak with panel members, which included local agents, copyright lawyers, music producers and the producers of NPR’s “Tiny Desk” concert series.

Panelists discussed how to break into the music industry and how to be successful in being an independent artist.

“You need to do your homework. You need to research. It’s important that you know the business of music before you do anything. That was spoken about so eloquently by the people on our panel. Make sure your business is straight first before you even get into the talent part of it. Business is the most important thing. We push home the notion of being educated,” said Bad Frankin, founder and executive producer with JXN Indie Music Week.

“Make sure that you have an entertainment attorney who understands the music business. Mississippi is the birthplace of America’s music and we have so much talent and so many Grammy Award winners and nominees. You want to make sure that you have someone who understands the business and who can negotiate so that you can focus on being a creative and get the best for your creation,” said Kamel King, a copyright attorney with Frascogna Law Group.

JXN Indie Music Week is a seven-day music festival showcasing local independent artists who have chosen to create music on their own instead of signing with major record companies. Artists say the indie music scene is a big part of the music culture in Mississippi.

“What we’re doing is one of the biggest things going on in the city right now. I see Jackson Indie Music Week being one of the top festivals that probably other countries and other states want to come down and be a part of.,” said Malik Ca$h, a local indie artist.

JXN Indie Music Week will conclude on Sunday with a film and video showcase from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at Capri Theatre.

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