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VIOLA, Del.- Loblolly Acres is aiming to go big on music and concerts this year. 

Musicians in Kent County are not hard to come by, but venues for them to play in are. Loblolly Acres hopes to be that missing puzzle piece. 

Honey Voshell owns a music store just down the road. He thinks local musicians will appreciate more options. 

“Killens Pond down the road has been going pretty good we used to play down there like one or two concerts a summer but that’s the only place around here that really the local people could go to,” said Voshell. 

The venue is commonly known for hosting weddings and car shows. The owners Cheryl Epps and Angela Zielen said they want to make Loblolly the top spot for music and arts.

“The idea is to bring the arts and music to Kent County,” said Epps. “Kent County is sort of like the step child of Sussex and New Castle and we just don’t have a lot of fun things for people to do.”

Epps and Zielen said the goal is to host a variety of events that people of all backgrounds can enjoy. 

“We are beginning our second year only,” Epps told WBOC. “Our first year we did a lot of private events and a few public events and so we are trying to expand on that starting with some of the more popular local groups.” 

They eventually hope to draw the attention of some bigger name bands by 2025. 

“For 2024 and 2025 we are going to try to step it up and have a few regional bands and maybe if we are lucky a nationally known band could come in and play here,” said Epps. 

Voshell believes Loblolly could provide opportunities for some of the garage bands in Kent County looking to share their work. 

“That’s a good thing that they got going there I’m happy that they have discovered that and put their time and money into something that would help the music business,” he said. 

Loblolly setting the stage for the Kent County music community to thrive. 

The first concert of the season will take place on June 23rd. For more information visit: www.loblollyacres.com

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