John Bonham Had a Vision for His Drums, and Jimmy Page Was the Perfect Guitarist to Make it a Reality

John Bonham found fame drumming for Led Zeppelin, which makes sense. His precision, power, and impactful playing were so crucial to the band that they split up in 1980 rather than attempt to soldier on after his death. Bonham had a vision for his drum playing years before joining Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Page was the perfect guitarist to make it happen.

John Bonham (left) and Jimmy Page lounge in a hotel room before a 1971 Led Zeppelin concert in Japan.
Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham (left) and Jimmy Page | Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images

John Bonham had a simple vision for his drumming — make the drums a lead instrument

Bonham seemed destined to be a groundbreaking drummer from a young age. Before he had a real kit to play, he fashioned drum sets out of pots and pans. Music was prevalent in the Bonham house, and he grew up idolizing jazz drummers such as Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. Still, he was mesmerized by one early rock ‘n’ roll song that informed the style he brought to Led Zeppelin.

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