John Bonham Found a Genius Way to Make Money Before He Joined Led Zeppelin

John Bonham was destined to leave his mark on drumming long before he joined Led Zeppelin. And he did. Bonham revolutionized drumming in his early days using nothing more than a bike chain on his kit. In another stroke of genius, Bonham found a way to make money and ensure steady work as an up-and-coming drummer before Led Zeppelin came calling.

Led Zeppelin John Bonham attends a Swan Song Records party at Chislehurst Caves in 1974.
John Bonham | Watal Asanuma/Shinko Music/Getty Images

John Bonham found steady work in his hometown as a young drummer

Even though his drum mentor never thought he was that good, Bonham found steady work gigging around Birmingham, England, as a young drummer. His massive talent and affable personality ensured he always had opportunities to play live.

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