Indonesian musician owns up to scamming fans out of tickets to Arctic Monkeys’ Jakarta concert

A number of Arctic Monkeys fans in Indonesia may be robbed of their chance to see the band’s first-ever concert in Jakarta this evening, after they allegedly fell victim to an alleged ticket scam by, coincidentally, a local indie musician whose tunes are undoubtedly inspired by the Sheffield outfit.

Bandung-based singer-songwriter Ray Viera Laxmana yesterday tweeted a preemptive confessional in which he admitted to scamming fans out of ticket money for the highly-anticipated Arctic Monkeys concert. The Alex Turner-led band is set to take the stage at 8:30pm this evening at Beach City International Stadium, Ancol.

“Before somebody else breaks the news about this case, I am taking the initiative to be honest first. I, Ray Viera Laxmana, admit to carrying out an Arctic Monkeys ticket scam, in which I sold my tickets repeatedly to different parties. I am not evading [responsibility], I was at a loss and desperate to pay for bills related to my parents’ health. I realize this is wrong, and I am not trying to justify it,” Ray wrote in the tweet.

“Some of the tickets have successfully been exchanged [as concert passes], but some were not able to exchange theirs. To some, I have given refunds, while I have helped others score new tickets. But my funds are limited; I can’t buy everyone new tickets for the time being.

“I apologize wholeheartedly and I promise to make up for people’s losses, in accordance with the value of their transactions, in due course. I am aware of the risks from my actions.”

The tweet went hugely viral in Indonesia as netizens condemned the local musician, with many saying he could have asked for financial support in times of need and not to resort to scamming others.

One alleged victim on Twitter says they have created an online group to demand accountability from Ray. According to the user, Ray scammed at least 23 people, who collectively lost IDR95 million (US$6,179) and received nothing in return.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the indie music scene, which prides itself on authenticity and honesty. Fans are now warning others to be cautious when purchasing tickets from unofficial sources.

As for Ray, it remains to be seen what consequences he will face for his actions.

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