Daily roundup: How to sell a flat with a perceived disadvantage – and other top stories today, World News

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. How to sell a flat with a perceived disadvantage

Here’s a conundrum: you’re currently a homeowner who plans to sell your house by consulting with an agent and listing it on a property portal.

However, there’s one caveat: the house has a feature that not many prospective buyers may immediately warm up to…» READ MORE

2. ‘Is that a nipple?’ Jolin Tsai’s ‘body-baring’ concert dress causes controversy


When people were campaigning to “free the nipple” on Instagram, perhaps this was not what they had in mind.

Two days ago, Taiwanese songstress Jolin Tsai took to the social media platform to share some snaps from her Ugly Beauty concert tour…» READ MORE

3. ‘Like going to JB’: 100 vehicles trapped for 3 hours inside Chinatown carpark


With Chinese New Year less than two weeks away, crowds of people have started streaming into Chinatown to pick up festive goods or to soak up the atmosphere.

And there was certainly a hive of activity along Upper Cross Street last Saturday (Jan 7) night, where around 100 irritated drivers took turns honking in frustration while trapped inside a multi-storey carpark for some three hours…» READ MORE

4. ‘We haven’t met for over 10 years’: Former actress Zeng Huifen makes rare appearance at Chew Chor Meng’s new bistro bar


Actor Chew Chor Meng was spitting facts on his Instagram last Friday (Jan 6) as he met up with a friend after more than a decade: Samsui Women star Zeng Huifen.

The former Mediacorp actress, who moved to the US with her family in 1997, made a rare appearance at Chor Meng’s new F&B business Viewdee Thai Bistro Bar alongside actor couple Chen Liping and Rayson Tan…» READ MORE

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