Concert to raise money for mental health charity

A Moray businessman and his musician friends behind a song highlighting men’s mental health are set to perform at Elgin Town Hall.

Last month, Alan Jamieson with solo artists and members of local bands The Fragz, Into The Pines, Danny Mortimer and MacTa released the song The Conversation: I Am Me.

The music video has already attracted more than 1,600 views.

Concert to raise money

On Saturday, a gig is taking place at the town hall featuring all the musicians.

It is in aid of MikeysLine to help the charity expand services in Moray and work with all age groups.

Doors will open at 7pm.

Elgin Town Hall.

Mr Jamieson said it is important to “normalise” men chatting about their real feelings.

He added: “I wrote a song. I write a lot of songs. Months later when listening back my own lyrics really hit home to me.

“I had been in a much darker place than I’d realised.

“Mental health issues have played a large part in my life from my early teens and still do to this day.

“I’m always the one happier to be there for others than to look out for myself, I’m sure many are the exact same.”

Everyone who took part in the producing the song.

‘A hard conversation is far easier than a funeral’

He added: “We’ve started The Conversation in the hope it encourages others to do just that.

“A hard conversation is far easier than a funeral.”

How can I get tickets?

The charity offers text-based support on 07786 207755 which includes WhatsApp, live web chat, Twitter and Messenger.

Katie Melville, Mikeysline fundraising manager said: “Mikeysline are delighted to be supported by AJ and his bandmates during their upcoming The Conversation: I Am Me gig.

“Music has always held a unique power to uplift people and bring them together and it is great to see this in action with the band’s new project!”

Click here to buy tickets. They are also available at businesses including Sound and Vision (Elgin), Humble Burger (Elgin), Dallas Designs (Elgin), AJ Jamieson Butcher (Fochabers) and The Deli (Keith).

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[Concert to raise money for mental health charity]


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