Blackpink’s bodyguards request to check diners’ phones after candid photos taken at Hong Kong restaurant, Entertainment News

What is a candid shot of a celebrity worth to the public? Certainly not enough to cross their bodyguards, it seems.

South Korean girl group Blackpink was recently in Hong Kong for their concert tour and as celebrities are wont to do in a foreign place, they’ll take in the sights, sounds and cuisine.

Blackpink is no exception and it was reported by Hong Kong publication Mingpao Weekly that the quartet visited a famous seafood restaurant at Temple Street.

However, as the restaurant didn’t have private rooms and there were quite a lot of diners there, the group was obviously spotted and tourists started taking photos.

According to Mingpao Weekly, the group’s bodyguards noticed this and requested to check the phones of those involved and asked for the photos and videos to be deleted.

Both parties reportedly got into an argument — and the boss of the restaurant was also dragged in — but in the interest of resolving the situation calmly, the diners who took photos and video footage agreed to delete everything.

However, they also pointed out that the bodyguards had no right to check their phones.

While we understand that Korean celebrities can be very particular about their image, it’s undoubtedly exciting to spot a celebrity in public.

Perhaps, next time, it might be wiser to ask for a photo.

Blackpink will perform at the Singapore National Stadium on May 13. A second show has been added on May 14 and ticketing details will be released soon.


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