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Hailing from “the bowels of outer space,” heavy metal parody band Mac Sabbath has made a super-sized impact on the music scene since forming in Los Angeles in 2014.

The quartet — vocalist Ronald Osbourne, guitarist Slayer MacCheeze, bassist Grimalice and drummer The Catburglar — may look a bit familiar since their appearances parody characters created by fast-food giant McDonald’s along with musical icons like Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Slayer and Kiss.

After building its audience playing clubs in Los Angeles, Mac Sabbath has gone on to larger stages, festivals and tours, delivering songs with a fast-food twist as Black Sabbath hits like “Paranoid,” “Iron Man” and “Sweet Leaf” become “Pair-a-Buns,” “Frying Pan” and “Sweet Beef.” After being locked down due to the pandemic, the band hit the road last year on its Pop-Up Drive-Thru Tour in support of its vinyl album release and accompanying pop-up book.

With new stage props and the promise of even more live chaos, Mac Sabbath is playing several shows near home including Jan. 26 at the Observatory in Santa Ana; Jan. 27 at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown; and Jan. 28 at Ventura Music Hall in Ventura.

“These shows will be a lot of fun,” band manager Mike Odd said during a recent phone interview. The players in the band maintain their anonymity and speak exclusively through Odd, who also fronts the L.A. heavy rock band Rosemary’s Billygoat. Odd discussed the band’s mythology and its anti-music industry, anti-technology and anti-corporate food industry stance.

While borrowing the look from famous McDonald’s characters, Mac Sabbath’s lyrics argue against fast food eats for general health reasons and decry industry greed and low-wage jobs in the multibillion dollar businesses.

“We’re absolutely not promoting that,” Odd said, lest anyone think they were somehow advertising the industry.

“After a while, you start to come around and realize that the organic food and plant-based food is really amazing and makes you feel so much better,” he said, adding that it’s not easy to find healthful meals on tour but he tries in the midst of all the other work. “If I have a minute, I’m chasing down organic and plant-based food for the band.”

The players may look a bit creepy, and metal music is often evocative of the dark side, but Odd said Mac Sabbath is a family-friendly band. So they don’t curse up a storm or bite the heads off of bats while on stage. Real bats, anyway.

“I can guarantee that Mac Sabbath is family-friendly, but I can’t always guarantee that about the opening bands,” Odd said with a laugh. “We have great opening and supporting bands and please come and see them. But if you’re bringing your kids, that has nothing to do with me.”

Mac Sabbath live shows include wild props, pyro, giant inflatable hamburgers, audience participation and more. According to Odd, the band has added a few more tricks to its already colorful repertoire.

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