28 Songs Brewhouse and Kitchen to open in Boerne in April

For over 25 years, Boerne’s Donald Kretz has been perfecting his home craft brews. Now, the new brewery owner will be sharing his love of beer in one of the hottest brewery communities in the Texas Hill Country.

Boerne’s newest brewery, 28 Songs Brewhouse and Kitchen will open in April, Kretz told MySA.

“I have a number of favorite [beer] styles that I’ve done over and over, but really what’s the most fun and the most satisfying is when I can share it with other people. And they talk about how much they like it,” Kretz said. “That’s really the satisfaction that draws me into wanting to do this on a larger scale.”

28 Songs Brewhouse and Kitchen will open in April 2023 in Boerne, TX.

28 Songs Brewhouse and Kitchen will open in April 2023 in Boerne, TX.

Photo courtesy of Donald Kretz

He has lived in Boerne for the past four years after spending time in the Dallas area and San Antonio area. Before going all into the brewery route he worked in intelligence, technology, and most recently was a research psychologist after he earned his Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. 

“This is kind of a bucket list thing for me. I’m kind of entering an early retirement phase in my life,” Kretz said. “I’ve outgrown the career I’ve had in defense and national security for decades and I just want to do something else.”

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