The Allman Brothers Band Unveils a Time Capsule: Manley Field House, Syracuse University, April 7, 1972

In a momentous musical revelation, The Allman Brothers Band has unearthed a treasure trove from their iconic past with the release of a new live recording – “Manley Field House, Syracuse University, April 7, 1972.” This historic album captures a pivotal period for the band, marking the first official release of their original radio simulcast, a performance that took place shortly after the untimely passing of band leader Duane Allman in October 1971.

During the band’s “Five-Man Band” era, the lineup featured original members Gregg Allman on vocals and keyboard, Dickey Betts on guitar, Berry Oakley on bass, and drummers Butch Trucks and Jaimoe. This unique period in the band’s history, following the tragic loss of Duane Allman, is a testament to their resilience and enduring musical spirit.

The album preserves the authenticity of the original radio simulcast, which was broadcast live on Syracuse University’s WAER college radio on that fateful night in 1972. While bootleg versions of this broadcast have circulated among fervent fans over the years, this release stands as the first complete and remastered recording, ensuring the highest audio quality, directly sourced from the original broadcast.

The 11-track collection is a sonic journey through the band’s repertoire, featuring classic gems like “Statesboro Blues,” “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” “Midnight Rider,” and the iconic “Whipping Post.” Additionally, the album includes “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More,” a track off The Allman Brothers Band’s then-newly released album, “Eat a Peach.” Adding an extra layer of excitement is “Syracuse Jam,” a never-before-released example of the band’s signature one-time melody jamming, providing fans with a glimpse into the spontaneous creativity that defined their live performances.

This release not only pays homage to the enduring legacy of The Allman Brothers Band but also provides a time capsule for fans, transporting them back to a moment in the band’s history that shaped their musical trajectory. The album showcases the resilience, camaraderie, and musical brilliance that continued to flourish within the band, even in the face of adversity.

“Manley Field House, Syracuse University, April 7, 1972” stands as a testament to The Allman Brothers Band’s indomitable spirit and musical prowess, offering both seasoned fans and new listeners a rare glimpse into a night that encapsulated the essence of their enduring legacy.

Songs from the album have been added to Regular Rotation on Live Jam, where every song played is the live version!

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