Neil Young Live from Toronto

Legendary musician Neil Young recently shared an exciting update with his fans, revealing a new approach to playing music that he discovered during his most recent concert with his backing band Crazy Horse. This groundbreaking performance took place in November 2023 at a private event held at the renowned Toronto club, The Rivoli.

In a heartfelt post, Young expressed his enthusiasm for the unforgettable experience he and his bandmates had on stage.

He described the concert as “amazing” and noted that everyone, including Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina, agreed that it was a truly special night filled with exceptional music and energy.

Capturing the magic of this extraordinary performance, Young announced plans to release a live album featuring recordings from the show.

The album, set to be released around April, will be available as a double vinyl, showcasing the raw and authentic sound that Young affectionately refers to as “Ragged Glory.”

Fans of Neil Young and Crazy Horse can look forward to experiencing the electrifying energy and musical brilliance of this memorable concert when the live album hits the shelves.

With its release coinciding with the band’s upcoming road tour, anticipation is high for what promises to be an exceptional addition to Young’s legendary discography.

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