The Grateful Dead Man’s Party Remembers Winterland on November 9th, in 1973!

On November 9, 1973, the Grateful Dead graced the Winterland Arena stage for what would become a legendary performance.

The band was in top form, delivering a tight and energized set that had the audience dancing and grooving throughout. Highlights included a blistering rendition of “Playing in the Band” that stretched out to over 20 minutes, the hauntingly beautiful “China Doll,” and a funk-infused version of “Truckin'” that had the crowd on their feet.

The Dead also debuted “Weather Report Suite Part 1” and played a rare performance of “Here Comes Sunshine.”

The concert is considered a classic among Deadheads and has been widely bootlegged and officially released as part of the “Dick’s Picks” series. Overall, this November night at Winterland showcased the Grateful Dead at their improvisational and musical peak.Winterland Arena - November 9, 1973 | Grateful Dead

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