Dire Straits Live 1978-1992, A new CD and vinyl box set with 64 Songs, 8 CD’s worth of Live Recordings of Dire Straits!

A stunning collection of live performances from the legendary British rock band, Dire Straits. This limited edition eight-CD box set includes some of their most iconic songs performed live in concert from all over the world. Each CD is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the band’s virtuosity, mesmerizing guitar solos, and Mark Knopfler’s haunting vocals.

From the opening track, “Once Upon a Time in the West,” to the closing number, “Going Home,” fans will be captivated by the electrifying performances that have garnered Dire Straits worldwide fame. The live album box set captures the raw energy and sheer brilliance of the band’s live shows from over three decades ago.

Dire Straits is for people who appreciate the virtuosity and technical skill of their live performances, then this limited edition eight-CD box set is an essential addition to your music collection and will transport you to the front row of one of their unforgettable concerts.

The set includes remastered versions of two classic albums – “Alchemy” and “On the Night” – both of which have been enhanced to provide an even better listening experience than ever before.

For example, the enhanced edition of “Alchemy” now includes the previously missing track “Love Over Gold” as well as extended editions of “Telegraph Road,” “Solid Rock,” and “Going Home.” Additionally, the set includes the full performance of “Portobello Belle,” which previously only appeared as a segment on the 1998 “Money for Nothing” compilation.

But that’s just the beginning. The Boxed Set also includes two previously unreleased tracks from the “Alchemy” performance – “Industrial Disease” and “Twisting by the Pool” – as well as an expanded edition of “On the Night.” This edition features previously unreleased tracks recorded during the band’s tour, offering fans even more songs to enjoy.

Included in the 64 Song Set, you will find two amazing compilations included amongst this legendary collection. The first is “Encores,” which was remastered and released a few years ago to celebrate Black Friday 2021. This iconic release is already a fan favorite in the music world, and you are sure to enjoy every track.

Additionally, the second vintage album in this collection is the sensational 1995 release, “Live at the BBC,” which has been in regular rotation on Live Jam. This stellar record is one that you will not want to miss if you are a dedicated follower of live music.

Dire Straits (@direstraitshq) / XHowever, what really sets this collection apart is the inclusion of the “Dire Straits Live from the Rainbow Theatre” show from 1979. This unforgettable performance was mixed by the iconic Guy Fletcher and features guest appearances from the talented Phil Lynott and Tony de Meur in the final four tracks of the set. This rare live performance is a true gem that music lovers of all ages will surely cherish.

The 64 Song 8 CD Boxed Set has a lot to offer to Dire Straits fans. Not only does it include all of the iconic tracks that made the band famous over the years, but it also comes with a brand new booklet that is sure to impress even the most loyal Dire Straits enthusiasts. This booklet, which is titled “Making Milestones: The Momentous Road Years of Dire Straits,” was written by journalist Paul Sexton and is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the band’s history and evolution. You’ll learn about the band’s early days, their creative process, and the many milestones they reached along the way. With this booklet in hand, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the music of Dire Straits and the unique talents of its members. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to delve deeper into the world of one of the greatest bands of all time!

For those of you that are Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits fans, this set is long over due and if you are just hearing Dire Straits for the first times, this is also perfect because it has it all and its always done best live!

It is an extraordinary privilege for me and my esteemed audience to delight ourselves with the beloved melodies that had long captured our hearts and minds, from the very moments we first laid our eyes and ears upon them. The sounds that etched a permanent place in our cherished memories, crafted by the masterful hands of the legendary Dire Straits himself, have transcended time and space to resonate deeply within us, still. It brings me great joy to recount my first sighting of the talented artists in action, during their Communiqué Tour held in 1979, at the Tower Theatre. Those songs, the ones we’d never have imagined would one day be brought back to life with such clarity and richness, now pulse through us with each note and chord. The pleasure derived from hearing those great recordings is beyond compare- it’s simply pure bliss.

The Entire 64 Song and EIGHT (8) CD Set will be played in its entirety NEXT WEEK as the ‘Live Album of the Week’ on Live Jam

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