Susana Bermudez, Renowned Life and Business Coach,


UNITED STATES, September 5, 2023/ — Renowned life and business coach Susana Bermudez is ecstatic to announce her tailormade services for brand owners, CEOs, product managers, and procurement directors keen on manufacturing their products in Mexico. Bermudez has already helped numerous brands across the United States and the world to achieve successful manufacturing in Mexico, profoundly impacting the supply chain and strengthening the economy of both countries.

Founder of her self-named company, Susana Bermudez, she elaborates on her mission, saying, “My mission is to help the largest number of companies achieve success and with this strengthen ties with the great opportunity that sourcing and manufacturing products in Mexico brings, which represents the growth of the economy of both countries and its people.”

Bermudez’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, combined with her impeccable life and business coaching skills, provide a comprehensive solution that caters to her clients’ requirements in a seamless manner. By acting as their guide and trustworthy consultant, Susana Bermudez ensures that they meet their objectives and save both time and money as they navigate the complex world of manufacturing in Mexico.

A distinguished speaker at major events such as the Prosper Show in Las Vegas, various podcasts and a regular contributor to Mexican media, Susana Bermudez’s expertise and success cannot go unnoticed. Her innovative approach to manufacturing services, paired with the passion and enthusiasm she brings as a business coach, makes her the go-to choice for any company looking to expand its manufacturing horizons to Mexico.

Do not miss the opportunity to work with Susana Bermudez and experience the way her tailored services can revolutionize your manufacturing process in Mexico.

For more information on Susana Bermudez’s services and how to get in touch with her, please visit, reach out to, or call 210-9157023.

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