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Live Jam, the independently owned ‘All Live’ radio station, will debut a revamped weekly lineup

Live Jam, the independently owned ‘All Live’ radio station, will debut a revamped weekly lineup featuring established and new artists on these weekly shows.

Live Jam has been a go-to spot for live music lovers who appreciate the raw, unedited sound of live music. Now, with a revamped weekly lineup, the radio station will offer even more opportunities to hear live music from both established and up-and-coming artists.

Friday Night Lights is excited to announce that they will be featuring a handpicked recent live concert, classic live event, historic show and 2023 live shows of Elton John, Paramore, Twenty-One Pilots, War on Drugs and upcoming shows with Jimmy Buffet, Steel Pulse and more to be announced every week. This is an incredible opportunity for fans to catch up on some of their favorite artists and see them live in concert. Friday Night Lights has something for everyone!

Starting this Saturday, Live Jam will feature a live album played in its entirety. This week’s featured live album is Peter Frampton at Royal Albert Hall. Live Jam will then feature new live releases like Fleetwood Mac Rumours Live, Dan Fogelberg’s Live at Carnegie Hall, and The Grateful Dead’s RFK Stadium, Washington, DC. All of these albums have debuted at Live Jam and songs from them are in high rotation.

“Scheduling these weekly shows get tricky’ says Don Lichterman, the Program Director at Live Jam, and the head of the SCA Sunset Company, “I announce them pretty much on the fly and as I get the new release schedules because I want to be ahead of every release date for any album, and I want to be as close to recent as possible for any viable live concert that I want to air on Friday Nights.” For instance, last week, Live Jam just played the Phish Benefit Concert where the band raised more than $3.5 Million for flood victims in upstate New York and in Vermont.

Monday at Live Jam is MetalMania Live where heavy metal acts and hard rock acts have their live downloads, songs from live shows and songs from live albums get featured every week. This week’s show is going to be extra special because we have two of the biggest names in metal going head-to-head. Metallica and Megadeth will be going live against each other in a battle of the bands. This is the first time these two bands have ever gone live against each other and it’s sure to be a show you don’t want to miss.

Tuesday is the Don Plays Zappa Live show that features as many live songs from classic live shows, live albums and live bootlegs with great soundboard recordings by Frank Zappa and his bands throughout his career. The show on Tuesday Nights is a great way for fans of Frank Zappa to hear some of his classic songs performed live. Most of all, gaining new listeners and new Zappa fans is the goal for the station.

Wednesday night is Get the Led Out Live, the station plays only Live music by the legendary music act, Led Zeppelin. This is the only place to hear live Led Zeppelin music, commercial free and uninterrupted. Get The Led Out Live airs every Wednesday night from 10pm-1am. This is the perfect way to hear Led Zeppelin the way they were meant to be heard, live and in concert. So, tune in this Wednesday night and rock out to Get the Led Out Live.

Thursday Night is the Grateful Dead Man’s Party. Don Lichterman, the radio show’s creator, says, “Thursday Night is the Grateful Dead Man’s Party is another one of our radios shows we emulate a band’s live show by playing live Grateful Dead material from albums, live downloads and official soundboard recordings and not only that, we also do this in real time to try to make as close to possible to being at a show.” Lichterman has been a big fan of the Grateful Dead since he was in high school and has been to hundreds of their live shows. He started the show last month as a way to share the music he loves with other fans. The show has become a popular destination for Deadheads all over the world, with listeners tuning in from as far away as Australia and Japan. So, if you’re a fan of the Grateful Dead, or just good music, tune in to Thursday Night is the Grateful Dead Man’s Party and enjoy the ride.

Sunday is Unplugged, the show that plays acoustic and material from ‘Unplugged’ shows. You can hear live acoustic songs The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Nirvana and songs from the MTV Unplugged show are featured every week.

Live Jam is the first and only ‘all live’ radio station with an ‘all live’ radio format ‘where every song played is the live version’.

With this revamped weekly lineup, Live Jam Radio is sure to become the go-to spot for music lovers who appreciate the raw, unedited sound of live music.

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