India’s Rock-And-Roll Music Festival To Be Held In November…


Get ready for some rock-and-roll excitement! The 29th edition of Mahindra Independence Rock is coming back on November 4 and 5 in Mumbai. Last year, this festival, which is known as the country’s oldest rock festival, returned to Mumbai after a gap of 9 years.

This year, Bayview Lawns in Mumbai’s Mazgaon will once again host a lively gathering of rock music fans. They’ll enjoy two days of energetic performances from various rock subgenres, with people headbanging and moshing to their heart’s content. The eagerly awaited Mahindra I-Rock stage is getting ready for a vibrant transformation to accommodate a diverse range of rock music styles, making it a thrilling two-day rock extravaganza.

This festival will continue its three-decade-old tradition of supporting new and up-and-coming artists in the genre. They’ll have a chance to shine on the biggest rock stage, known as the Mahindra I-Rock stage, as part of the “Tomorrow’s Headliners” initiative.

Exploring new genres

This year, the festival is going beyond its usual boundaries and spreading its music across India, from the north and northeast to the west and south, even reaching out to Nepal. Mahindra I-Rock aims to bring together various styles of rock to its famous stage, creating a melting pot of music.

This means the festival will feature a mix of different music genres and languages, resulting in a vibrant collision of musical energies. You can expect everything from intense death metal and classic thrash influences to unique combinations of rock and reggae, and even the glitz and glamour of 80s-style glam metal.

Additionally, the festival will explore the rich tapestry of Indian classical and folk sounds, blending instruments like the mridangam and flute with electric guitar riffs and dynamic drumming. Through this diverse musical landscape, Mahindra I-Rock aims to highlight the spirit of diversity and inclusivity that defines rock music.

Mahindra I-Rock’s Remarkable Journey Through the Years

It was a pivotal moment in 1986 when Farhad Wadia and his band’s gig at St Xavier’s intercollege fest Malhar was cancelled due to disapproval from the principal. However, due to this setback Farhad took the initiative to organise the inaugural edition of I-Rock, hosted at Rang Bhavan alongside fellow students and bands.

In the 80s and 90s, I-Rock was the rite of passage for countless Gen X rockers in the country, giving birth to a roaring Indian rock scene and growing from a rock fest to pioneering a cultural movement in the Indian indie and rock music scene up until the close of its legacy venue in 2013.

Fast forward to 2022, when Farhad Wadia, in collaboration with Hyperlink Brand Solutions and the Mahindra Group, partnered to revive the rock movement.


Registrations for the festival are open now; log on to the website and Instagram for more updates on the lineup and early bird tickets!

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