Bullet grazes victim Adam Zagotti in drive-by shooting in


AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Austintown police are still investigating a shooting that happened late Saturday night on Mahoning Avenue.

Saturday, the victim of the drive-by spoke out saying he came within inches of losing his life.

“I heard a really loud pop and like a whizzing sound go past my head. And then the back window exploded, just shattered,” said Adam Zagotti, the Austintown shooting victim.

Zagotti was driving home at around 11 p.m. Saturday night on Mahoning Avenue near Meridian Road, according to a report from Austintown police dispatch.

The light at the intersection just turned green when at least two bullets whizzed through Zagotti’s blue Dodge Challenger, shattering his back window and hitting the front windshield just inches from his head, according to the report.

Mahoning Avenue Drive By Shooting, Austintown

“An inch further and I’d be dead. That’s what the paramedic told me when he made me sit back down and look at the bullet hole in the window,” said Zagotti.

Shattered glass covered the backseat of the car and the other bullet went through the driver’s seat and grazed his back. Zagotti still recovering from that injury.

“My shirt was confiscated because there was like blood all over the back and a hole in it,” said Zagotti.

Zagotti isn’t sure why this happened. The Challenger is a rental he’s been driving for just a few weeks, because his normal ride — a Kia — is being repaired after an attempted theft.

Zagotti thinks he was shot in a case of mistaken identity — or that it was a random act of violence, he’s lived in the Youngstown and Austintown area since 2001 and says this is his closest brush with violence.

“Between the attempted theft of my Kia and the rental car being shot in the meantime. Yes, absolutely. This is certainly the most unsafe I’ve felt here. But I just tell myself it can happen anywhere,” said Zagotti.

Austintown police are still investigating the shooting and Zagotti says as far as he knows, no one is in custody, but he’s grateful to be alive.

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