Woman who went missing from Royal Caribbean Singapore


After 24 hours of mystery hunting, Vivek Sahani’s mother is now assumed dead after the Royal Caribbean Singapore cruise shared footage of her final moments with the family.


The authorities of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Spectrum of the Seas, have finally shared the CCTV footage of what is presumed to be the final moments of Reeta Sahani before she was reported missing. Sahani was the mother of Goila Butter Chicken co-founder Vivek Sahani, and his Melbourne-based brother Apoorv.

Reeta Sahani, 67, was reported missing from the cruise, where she was on a 4-day journey to Singapore from Penang in Malaysia, as part of a holiday trip with her husband Jakesh Sahani. 

The Sahani brothers shared the news about their mother, Reeta Sahani’s disappearance on their social media platforms, seeking help from the External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and the Ministry of External Affairs. 


Details of the disappearance 

According to the details shared by the Sahani brothers and a report by The Strait Times

  • Upon waking up on July 31 morning, their father, Jakesh Sahani, could not find Reeta Sahani anywhere on the ship which led to him report the incident to the ship’s crew.
  • The crew suggested to their father that she might have jumped off board as their overboard detection systems had previously been triggered. 
  • Post that, the crew did not provide any footage to the Sahani family that could support their claim.
  • Above all that, the crew made Jakesh Sahani get off the ship, from where he was taken away by police authorities for questioning, which lasted hours. 

Current status

Following an intense 24-hour communication saga, the Sahani brothers reached out to both the cruise liner authorities and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The distressing revelation surfaced that their mother, initially reported as “missing” onboard, had tragically died.

After the confirmation from the authorities, both the brothers shared a note on their social media, thanking the MEA, PMO India and S Jaishankar for their assistance with the entire incident. 

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