Poetry and choral verses dominate day seven of music festiv…


Damacrest students celebrate after carrying the day with a breathtaking performance of ‘wan mana welo’. [Amos Kiarie, Standard]

Thrilling poetry and choral verse performances dominated the 7th day of the Kenya National Music Festival in Nyeri County as school performances thrilled crowds with pitch-perfect tones.

On Thursday, performances at Dedan Kimathi University stuck to the theme of promoting science and technology in a special category sponsored by the School Equipment Production Unit (SEPU).

Audiences maintained pin-drop silence as students from various secondary schools performed poems on the role and benefits of SEPU in furthering education goals.

They praised SEPU for providing science and technology equipment and laboratory chemicals in schools. Metkei Girls High School received applause and took the top position for their poem entitled ‘the transformation’ by Casmir Obiero.

The play depicted their dreams taking flight after SEPU transformed their learning experience.

“We were looking for students who clearly describe how SEPU has improved education standards in schools,” adjudicator Calvin Adwor said.

In the African traditional songs, mixed voices for the secondary school category, Damacrest School carried the day after a breathtaking performance of ‘wan mana welo’ a Luo sacred song.

The festival, themed towards nurturing talent for innovation and national development of August has received praise for including a category for people with disability (PWD).

Mlimani primary special unit for the visually impaired teacher Kendogor Moses said this year’s music festival has been well organised as people with disabilities have been given a chance to showcase their talent.

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