Peek’n Peak wraps up weekend country music festival with ho…


People dusted off their cowboy boots this weekend as Peek’n Peak hosted three days of free live country music.

Management told us nothing screams summertime in south-western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania like country music.

They added they’ve had acts throughout the summer for people to see, but nothing to the size and scale like the country music festival they hosted this weekend.

“We had brought in a stage for a national sized act and it turned out great. I think we had around 1000 people or even a bit more than that. It was a really great time, the music sounded good. We did it on the back of the main ski lodge where usually you would come down the hill in wintertime and come right in the back door. We had a stage set up back there and it looked great,” said Anthony Liberatore, assistant food and beverage director.

They hope to continue this festival next summer, but are experimenting with how else they can make things even better.

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