Music festival contributes to the preservation of Buzludzha…


Three days, three nights, on three stages for the third consecutive year – this is Open Buzludzha 2023.

From August 10 to 13, the festival with a cause offers a different experience with plenty of nature, music and culture. The event is held in support of the preservation and opening of the Buzludzha Monument as a place for art, culture and history. The cause is not politically bound and does not aim at a complete restoration of the monument, but at its conservation and reuse for educational and tourist purposes.

The three stages are called Main Stage, Monument Stage and Forest Stage.

The Main Stage on the meadow near Buzludzha hut will offer rock, indie, hip-hop and R&B. Four bands are to perform on this stage every night. Ostava band, Kerana and the Cosmonauts and SO CALLED CREW are the headliners.

Electro, techno and house music will be performed on the Monument Stage in front of the emblematic monument dating back to the times of the Soviet Union. This year, the Monument Stage in front of Buzludzha is growing. In addition to local DJs, five international artists will guest-perform at the stage.

The Forest Stage opens at 10 p.m. and will entertain visitors until the morning.

There will be a 3D mapping show during the three festive evenings.

During the day, there will be a colorful programme of activities to suit every mood: lectures, sports, workshops, exhibitions, cinema, a children’s programme, etc.

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