KidzRup Expands its Vision with a New Innovative American


Dr. Krystylle Richardson, New American COO (Chief Operating Officer) of KidzRup – Headquarters in Eskişehir, Turkey

2023 English Camp in Turunç, Turkey

Kids ages 6 to 17 years old have fun speaking English while also learning the importance of innovation, and the art of public speaking with the author of The 51 Powerful P’s of Public Speaking, Dr. Krystylle L. Richardson.

Emre Boz, Principal and new CAO for KidzRup

Utopia Resort, Antalya, Turkey and location of the November 13-17, 2023 KidzRup Camp and Business Accelerator Summit with the Utopia Speakers Competition

This prestigious English school based in Turkey has brought on Dr. Krystylle Richardson to expedite their American mentor and business collaboration foundation.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 26, 2023/ — Highlights of this article:

*A KidzRup Founder interview

*A new American KidzRup COO (Chief Operating Officer)

*A new CAO (Cheif Administrative Officer)

*The announcement of the KidzRup prestigious English Camp – November 13-17, 2023 at Utopia Resort in Antalya, Turkey – with mentors from America and Turkey

*A Business and Entrepreneur Accelerator Summit – November 16-17, 2023 – to learn how to use English to better your profit margins, global reach, and more

*A Utopia Speakers Summit & Competition (as part of the end of the Accelerator Summit) – with a chance to win a media package worth over $15,000USD for local Turkey business-people to promote their businesses

Tamer Ozdemir is the Founder of KidzRup and the English School with headquarters in Eskişehir, Turkey. This powerful English language teaching program was the vision of its founder, Tamer Ozdemir. Here is a private interview with Tamer.

Question 1.

What is KidZrup, when and why did you start this initiative, and why did you name it this?


KidzRup is a project that involves students of age 7-17 who are able to speak English fluently and considerably superior to their peers. While we teach them high-level English and also prepare them for the TOEFL tests for young learners, we also want to expose them to living English language and create opportunities to meet people from different countries. We believe this will provide them: with a perspective of the real world around them and help them grow as human beings using English as a means. On the other hand, by organizing online group gatherings among the students of the same age group we are aiming this project to turn into a social responsibility project. This way, the children from different countries will have the chance to share their problems as well as look for global solutions for them. I named it KidzRup because I want all the kids to try for the better and elevate their present standards to be happier human beings both for themselves and for others.

Question 2.

Why do you also do a camp?


Our summer camp is an international program in which participants can join from all over the world. The program involves practical English themes by qualified English-speaking instructors, excursions to various cultural sites, boat trips in summer, and colorful daily activities. This is a unique opportunity to make friends and contacts from other parts of the world. As there are participants from different countries, the common language is only English. There will be opportunities to speak and learn. This program will enrich your life and create lasting memories, but only if you find the courage to join!

Question 3.

What are 3 things that make your program unique vs. others that do similar work?


1. Our program is tailor-made for each individual who becomes a part of it.

2. Flexible for both the mentors and participants.

3. We get feedback from the mentors after each session to be able to follow the progress of the participants.

Question 4.

What are 2 things you are looking forward to based on hiring an American to be on your core executive team?


1. To turn the program into a global one.

2. Increase the quality of the program to make it number 1 in the world.

As a result of Tamer’s passion for the kids and seeing them succeed in life, he has now brought on a COO from America to help expand the program offerings. She was the mistress of ceremony for the organization’s big event online on April 23rd for this year’s “National Sovereignty Day”. Since 1927, the holiday has also been celebrated as a children’s day and KidzRup gathered students online to interact with speakers from various countries. Dr. Krystylle Richardson was intrigued and wanted to know more about what KidzRup was about, so she signed herself and her husband to be mentors for the summer camp in June in Turunç, Turkey. The experience was life-changing. It was so impactful that it energized her to want to do what was in her ability to expose more people around the globe to this amazing opportunity to learn English. In her words, it is not just a way to learn English, but to do it in a clever, state-of-the-art method using mentor sessions not lessons, incorporating fun, and the art of conversation per the phenomenal formula that Tamer has used for numerous years to keep students enrolling again year after year for the school and camp.

The new COO (Chief Operating Officer) is Dr. Krystylle Richardson from America. Dr. Krystylle is an International Wealth Innovation Strategist and the Global Ambassador of Innovation for I Change Nations, as well as a knighted Dame Grand Cross of The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen out of Italy. She comes with over 45 years of industry experience under her belt across various forms of engineering, operations, international business development, biotech, healthcare, automotive, Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen best practices, media, marketing, TV show production, and more. Next year she will be 60 years old and gets questioned about her age on a weekly basis, due to her young appearance, energy, and zeal for seeing students become their best selves. Dr. Krystylle is passionate about positively impacting the lives of the future generation and helping to equip them to be well-rounded, global business-minded, and able to monetize their dreams. Dr. Krystylle is very excited about being a part of the KidzRup team and desires to share this positively disruptive teaching method with students in various countries so they can take advantage of the mentor sessions year-round, and the amazing camp.

One of the first focus areas of Dr. Krystylle is to first meet the parents and students currently enrolled. She stated that she wanted to hear the hearts of those currently engaged in the program to help shape the future. Next, she will also meet with current mentors to understand their perspectives on what is working well and what could be improved. Dr. Krystylle stated that good organizations are formed with people come up with good ideas and try to implement them. She goes on to add that good is not good enough. She states that great organizations are formed when people come together to build on what is working and all give input on shaping the future coupled with a fresh approach. Only then can we form the bonds needed to propel everyone forward, together. Dr. Krystylle is very excited about being a part of the KidzRup team. She has already held a number of parent and student meetings and hopes to hold more during September and beyond, then add more meetings with the mentors. Dr. Krystylle is also already interviewing new mentors from America to be a part of this great program. Expanding this program to bring this amazing English experience to more students all over the world year after year is one of her main goals. Another area she is focused on is helping to build business knowledge and use of English in business and public speaking across Turkey and surrounding countries. She is bringing several American Business Accelerator programs and trainings to Turkey as well as the Utopia Speakers Summit & Competition where participants purchase tickets to attend and engage for a chance to win a free media package to help promote their business worth over $15,000 USD.

Tamer also recently appointed a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Emre Boz. Here is an interview with Emre:

Question 1.

Why did you pick English as a focus for a career?


Ever since I started learning English in my primary school years, I have felt like it’s going to be a part of my life somehow. I used to be called “a walking dictionary” by my friends just because I had a rich vocabulary back then.

Question 2.

Tell us about what shaped your vision for being an educator.


Upon following the signs, I found myself studying in the English Language Teaching Department at the university and started teaching as a freelancer in the meantime. That said, I had a plan for my future career: being unique! Right after my graduation, I started working in a private school as an English teacher. I tried lots of different methodologies and was open to changes and updates in my classes. After teaching in a private school for 4 years, I guess, having a broad vision paid off and finally I got an offer from an international education program: KidzRup! Giving opportunities for speaking in English to those who have achieved their objectives in language only up to a point is the key factor of the program.

Question 3.

What is the impact that you hope this program will have on students:


As the CAO of the institution, I believe that the vision we hold will enrich numerous students’ lives and will lend assistance to them to find their true selves.


Based on this new executive team structure and the new influx of American mentors of various ages, KidRzup is delighted to share a greater impact in the lives of their students, in their communities, and world.

One big announcement that we have is that KidzRup will be hosting a winter camp at the Utopia resort in Antalya, Turkey on November 13-17, 2023. The events and offerings will include the following:

*A KidzRup exclusive English camp with sessions separated for ages 8-12 and 13-17, and their parents. This includes fun activities, competitions, swimming, and private events throughout the resort. Parents and students should register as soon as possible before the spots are filled for this special private camp. Those already involved in KidzRup and in Turkey can contact Tamer through the contacts and communications page of their website at and parents can all send an inquiry to for more information.

*A Business and Entrepreneur Accelerator Summit for local business owners and inspiring entrepreneurs on November 16-17, 2023 also at the Utopia Resort in Antalya. Participants can send an email to for pricing, itinerary, and to be considered. The title of the email should be Utopia Business Summit. The general reception and summit kick-off will be on November 16, 2023. They can stay at the resort based on the registration cost and join sessions on November 17, 2023, from 9a.m. – 3p.m. with featured speakers from Turkey and the United States.

*A Utopia Speakers Summit & Competition to win a free media package to help promote your business worth over $15,000 USD. This will be held at the end of the Business and Entrepreneur Accelerator Summit. Tips and lessons will be from Dr. Krystylle’s most recent book The 51 Powerful Ps of Public Speaking. Copies can be purchased through links on this page: For the competition, the winner wins a free professional speaker sizzle reel, at least 4 streaming TV show feature appearances, 2 magazine articles, 1 magazine cover feature, and 2 international press releases featuring their accomplishments. Speakers flying in for this portion of the events can also register by sending an email for consideration to The title of the email should be Utopia Speakers Summit. The summit will include speaker assessments, public speaking training, and the final competition at the end of the day on November 17, 2023.

Dr. Krystylle, Tamer, and Emre are excited about the future of KidzRup and look forward to seeing locals and our new American mentor delegation during our November camp and the camp during the summer of 2024. For more information about KidzRup program, the camp, the Business Accelerator Summit, and or the Utopia Speakers Competition, please send an email to enquire at to reach Dr. Krystylle directly.

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