Jeffersonville PD gives update on death of armed veteran


Jeffersonville police defend shooting that left veteran dead

Appreciate you guys coming today. The purpose of this conference is to provide *** brief statement of facts of the homicidal actions of Richard Glass which led to an officer involved shooting. I want to be clear chief of police, Kenny Kavanaugh and the entire Jeffersonville Police Department administration supports the actions of our officers that night. Every individual in proximity of the Viet North Shore apartments was in grave danger due to the actions of Mister Glass. The counter actions taken by our officers potentially preserved the lives of many. We would like to thank the Clarksville Police Department, the Clark County E MA for the direct and unsolicited response to aid and navigating this perilous situation. In addition, we’d like to thank the Indiana State Police for also providing aid and their assistance in sending officers to conduct the investigation. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office for covering our calls for service on our streets as this unfolded, the Jeffersonville Fire Department and the new chapels for the professional response all while putting themselves in danger. The Clark County Central dispatch and the call takers for their ability to navigate the stress and efficiently take and relay information to our officers. This is imperative to our mission to providing *** blanket of security to the public regularly. These individuals do not receive the credit. They observe they deserve, excuse me. And we are grateful. On Tuesday, August 15. At approximately 7:30 p.m. the Jeffersonville Police Department responded to *** call for service regarding *** burglary at the Avia North Shores apartment located at 703 North Shore Drive apartment, *** 2 12 officers made contact with Richard Glass who advised an unknown person broke into his apartment and committed theft. While on scene, an officer observed numerous firearms in the residence had also reported suspicious circumstances surrounding the interaction. Additional investigative steps were taken which revealed nothing and *** burglary report was filed again on August 15. At approximately 9:34 p.m. Officers received *** call for service from *** resident of the *** building in the Avia North Shore apartments. It was reported the caller was approached by an unknown male who stated he was going back to prison. The caller observed the mail entered apartment 2 12 and requested *** welfare check. Mhm. At approximately 9 41 pm. Richard Glass called 911 and reported the neighbor was hacking his phone glass advised he had *** firearm and requested the police because he did not want to use the firearm on the neighbor. Between 9 41 and 9:55 p.m. Officers responded in attempted contact. They were only able to speak with glass through the door and he communicated that he did not believe officers on scene were the police as the incident progressed? So did the aggression of Mr Glass. In addition to this ems was staged in the area and *** separate radio channel was obtained at 10:04 p.m. Glass stated the dispatch that someone was going to get shot. He acknowledged the attempted contact in the hallway at 10 13 P MA decision was made to pull away from the door in an attempt to de escalate the situation and to potentially establish communication between glass and the officers via telephone. At approximately 10 40 P MA 20 year veteran lieutenant was able to make contact with an estranged out of town family member as well as the law enforcement agency and the jurisdiction in which glass used to live. It was learned. Mr Glass was *** combat veteran and suffered from *** chemical dependency at 10:57 p.m. Glass communicated with central dispatch in an extremely agitated state due to his state. Dispatch was forced to replay the call and confirm that glass made reference to *** white man with *** rifle and to come and get it. We are ready to kill people. He refused to answer questions from the call taker. At 11 10, *** neighbor called and reported hearing two shots fired. At 11 14 officers moved to *** position where they could see mister glass through the window of his apartment which placed him in an elevated level where he maintained *** tactical advantage. Glass was armed and was pointing the firearm at his temple. At 11 17, fire and Ems were staged on scene at 11 26 glass was seen walking around his apartment with *** long gun and *** pistol. At 11 29 officers advised mister Glass was shooting out the window towards them. Chief Kavanaugh requested the regional SWAT team be notified and to put them on stand by the Jeffersonville police swat team operators and members of the JP Quick response team had already begun arriving on scene and the crisis intervention team were contacted as JP D SWAT operators arrived, they began to deploy. This included an observation and precision rifle team due to the elevated location of mister glass inside of his apartment. They were unable to enter an adjacent apartment building. Excuse me, they were able to enter an adjacent apartment building through the rear window which allowed access to the common area of that building. Contact was made with the tenant on the second floor of building B cooperation and access to their residence was obtained at 11:34 p.m. Another round was fired from the window by mister glass with another at 11 11 37. At 11 44. Mister Glass communicated that there was *** man accidentally killed in the hallway and this was later proven to be false. The call taker also observed *** loud commotion in the background and it sounded as though things were being broken. This call was disconnected at 11:45 p.m. and attempts to re establish the communication were unsuccessful. At 11:51 p.m. two additional shots were heard coming from inside of the apartment over the course of the next several minutes, the swat team continued to deploy to aid of the patrol officers. At 12 7, an officer with our observation and precision rifle team reported firing his weapon which caused the suspect to vacate the window area. Officers were unaware of mister glass still posed *** threat. However, and fire were moved into the parking lot of the apartment complex attempts to safely confirm whether Mister Glass still posed *** threat were deployed, however, were unsuccessful. Eventually, the door to Mister Glass’s apartment was breached and the drone was sent in to determine if *** threat still existed. It was then swat operators entered the apartment and Mister Glass was declared deceased by the medics. Throughout this entire incident, our officers attempted to evacuate individuals that were in direct danger. This included social media posts urging residents and anyone in the area to shelter in place. Three members of the observation precision rifle team were placed on unrestricted administrative leave for our policy and procedures. I cannot express the gratitude uh to the uh the individuals that live in that apartment. You know, without uh one family even provided *** case of water to us without their cooperation in our partnership, this might have ended differently and their actions directly were related to the potential lives that were saved. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr Glass. The officers involved in our community at this time. I will turn it over to Lieutenant Sam Moss. He can speak briefly on the internal investigation. Good morning. I’m Lieutenant Samuel Moss assigned as an internal investigator with the Jeffersonville Police Department in compliance with our department policy, an internal investigation will be completed. The goal of this type of investigation is to thoroughly review all facts of the case and to ensure our officers actions conform with our policy. Indiana State police will conduct *** criminal investigation with unremitting efforts to provide *** fair and thorough report. As an internal investigator, I will be privy to review all of is ps reports of evidence, interviews and forensic examinations. I can then utilize these reports coupled with my own impartial investigation and objectively compare these findings with our department policies. The fact that an internal investigation will occur is standard practice in accordance with our department policy for any officer involved shooting an internal investigation in no way should imply any negative connotation or preconceived notion. The purpose of internal investigations is to preserve the integrity in our work and trust in our community. In order to maintain the public’s confidence in our abilities. We asked for patience in these investigations as they do take time to complete thoroughly and accurately. Our internal investigation cannot be completed until the culmination of Indiana State Police’s investigation. Uh Thank you for your, your time this morning. I will now turn it back over to Major Parker. You have any questions he talked about the fact that he was *** combat veteran. And um, um this was *** tragic situation but it could have been *** lot worse. I think any time you have *** situation remotely close to this combat veteran or not, it’s tragic. And regarding Mr Glass specifically, this investigation is still ongoing. We haven’t had Indiana State police conducting the criminal side. We’re conducting the internal side and it’s in its infant stages still. So I wouldn’t feel comfortable commenting on anything additional. You mentioned how that uh your reach out to family members to learn more about that. Uh Mr Glass was not from here. Originally, we had limited information on him in the attempt to obtain intelligence through that, uh which potentially could have provided, uh you know, maybe some sort of uh aid in, in navigating the situation. Where was he from? Uh not, not uh Jefferson was from across the bridge from, yes, even going back to prison. Obviously, he can do *** public record search and see that he had any case in Clark Court. Did he talk about that case and his fear that that was gonna be sent back to prison again, there’s certain specifics that, that uh that are uh that I can’t comment on. There’s certain that I don’t know yet because it is so infant and we’re not conducting that main investigation. We know if he was shot by *** regional SWAT team member. I, that’s what I said. Are you guys able to provide clarity on that? The regional SWAT team did not respond. They were not activated. It was the Jeffersonville Police Department SWAT team. They were called and placed on stand by. I had heard that as well and saw that there was confusion. It was the Jeffersonville Police Department. Um, quick response team, the S team and the crisis intervention team. *** lot of things, you know, we are *** tight knit agency. We’re well trained and, you know, our, our, uh, you know, it, it, it, uh, it has been tough. Let’s be honest, losing, tough is not just tough here in, in Jeffersonville, it’s tough across the country. And, uh, you know, as long as, uh, everyone sticks together and we do the right thing, we’ll be ok. And it sounds like Mr Glass and neighbors, they had *** lot of contact with, um, our emergency dispatchers. Um, have you spoken with them to see how they’re doing? I have not personally, I can tell you that, um, they were phenomenal. Uh, you know, that’s *** good group of individuals up there that are, you know, the, the offensive linemen, if you will of, uh, of these situations, they’re the unsung heroes are the ones that don’t get credit and they’re, uh, they’re imperative. We have to have them. They’re vital to what we do just to be clear. He was, you know, that he was shot by an officer and being died by suicide. Again, all I can do is report what we did. Uh, you know what I did and that was, that an officer reported that *** single shot was fired and that uh that uh he vacated the window area. Um You know, there’s an autopsy will be performed. And again, that’s all gonna be part of the Indiana State Police investigation. So it’s unclear at this time if he shot that, I, I can say specifically that it was reported by *** member of our observation precision rifle team, uh that *** shot was fired and that he vacated the window and boy there was movement after that and he was Mr Glass was shooting fire. Did you say he fired two shots prior to the prior to that individual from the whatever you call the observation rifle? When that law enforcement officer fired the shot, Mister Glass was firing two shots. I can confirm that there were several shots fired throughout the incidents from Mister Glass into the public area towards officers in an apartment complex where when I arrived on scene, there were people outside and there was, I remember the first person I saw was what appeared to be *** mother and *** toddler sitting on the sidewalk. Um, you know, uh, as far as what specifically occurred at that moment, we’re not conducting that part of the investigation if something is still ongoing and we’ll have to get to it. So he fired several shots. Mr Glass did again. Can you talk about, like, how were there, how close were some of those shots to officers or civilians? You know, again, it’s an apartment complex, you know, there’s *** lot of people there uh when you fire weapons uh in an apartment complex or anywhere in, in an urban area like in Jeffersonville, um there’s people there and uh as far as this, the spec uh how specifically close it was to uh an officer or something like that. Again, that’s, that’s gonna come from the state police investigation. Is there *** body camera on this? I know that you said that you all were kind of in *** different apartment area. Is there body camera video of what happened? All body camera footage from officers on the scene was obtained. Uh And that will be forwarded, of course to the Indiana State police. We’re of course cooperating with everything that they need. So yeah, there will be an additional press release. Um that will be able to discuss tactics *** little bit more and probably release body cam uh additional information. Did you mention other weapons found inside his department? Did not again, that part, uh the searches in the crime scene itself. That investigation is where Indiana State police began. So we were not part of that. However, it was stated in the original call for service regarding the burglary report that numerous weapons were observed inside of the residence. And then on the second call, he was seen with at least two pistol and *** long gun. What kind of feedback have you had from people in that apartment complex? You know, again, I, I can’t speak volumes of, of how much um how, how much they did. Um And, and how their willingness to cooperate and to uh be partners with the police uh resulted in, in the outcome that it did where, you know, it’s unfortunate, of course, we hate the fact that, that uh the way it did um in the sense of Mr Glass losing his life where our prayers and thoughts are with his family. Um However, um you know, no one else was injured, there was no one else injured when it comes to like uh *** mental health crises. Can you remind us of the role that your uh intervention team plays in situations like this? Sure. Our crisis intervention team is uh is, is the old word for negotiators. We just receive ***, you know, specific trainings. Um They’re part of our uh our team and the Q RT team is when, you know, generally they get knocked out the crisis intervention team does as well. And you know, the intent was for them to get in there and be able to establish that communication with him. Um Things unfold the way it did. Do you know, are there any like mental health professionals or consultations that your department works with the, the situation specifically? And, and I’d like to focus on this uh specific situation. Um is *** uh it was very rapidly evolving. This wasn’t something where, you know, there was *** uh days in between we talking, you know, between the initial fall to the other one is *** couple of hours and then once we arrived on scene in the second things transpired quickly. Um You know, this wasn’t *** long term type thing. You know, we spoke to the family, we had it down. Um We were able to uh at one point try to back away to deescalate. Um And uh that uh that when you say is that it depends on *** certain, is that what you refer to? I’m referring to uh *** chemical dependency. Again, this is information I received. Uh you can tell us whether the drug the drug was not at this time. No, I I won’t. He told *** gun he was using the discharge. He said that he Mr Glass fired *** couple of shots. Could you also tell us that’s something that would come from the Indiana State police in their investigation. And secondly, would this be uh *** unique situation you’re in ***, you’re in an apartment complex, there’s multiple lives at stake, uh, to put it bluntly, uh, does this make it *** unique situation for your department? And, uh, you know, is this something that you won’t deal with or trained for? Does it make it harder yet? He was kind of tactical, able to be on the stairs or what, what kind of situation does that put your all guys in something like, uh, you know, are you all used to this kind of thing or is it unique um specifically referring to the tactics that were employed? Um That’s something that will come out in *** later press conference. As far as the tactics go as we obtain more information, we’ll be able to provide probably uh *** little bit more back to uh to the media. Um And I would, I would say that will happen in the, the near future. So, is there *** timeline for the body? Excuse me? Is there *** timeline for the body when we’re able to, when we’re ready? I also heard from neighbors that he was throwing things out the window as well. Uh While he was shooting, his father saw as well because uh he throw out the window and also shooting, uh as part of, you know, his, his behavior was erratic the entire time. It’s not specifically just throwing things and it was erratic from it almost that entire uh second instance. Uh And again, it, it, it uh the uh aggression increased rapidly. Um I, I did hear that there was uh something maybe thrown from the window again, that’s not part of that part of the investigation. We haven’t obtained any information to confirm that in, uh, deescalating the situation, they were back out of the hallway. Is that something when they left the building completely, um, and went outside or just moved further down the hallway? That specific location again is something that would come from the tactical side of, uh, that, that, um, uh, conference. So, sorry, I misunderstood this. But did you say that he filed *** burglary report or the officers responded to *** separate burglary report and went to his, no, he, he was the one that filed the original and we responded there and that’s where the original contact was made. There were three total officers that were placed on, um, on administrative unrestricted. Yes.

Jeffersonville police defend shooting that left veteran dead

A man was shot and killed by police at an apartment complex in southern Indiana this week.On Friday, police defend the officer’s actions. Watch it in the player above.Police already said that 65-year-old Richard Glass fired upon them before he was shot, but they now say their concerns were compounded by a previous encounter and knowledge that he had a substance abuse disorder.Police said the incident began around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday as a welfare check. Neighbors called police about a disturbance. When police arrived, they said he did not believe officers were truly officers, and said he thought someone was hacking his phone.Police said at one point, he fired shots toward police, and eventually, a Jeffersonville SWAT officer fired back once and struck him. Read our previous story here.According to police, Glass was a combat veteran who had a “chemical dependency.”Lt. Sam Moss says an internal investigation will be completed, which he says is standard practice. ISP will also conduct separate investigation, he says.

A man was shot and killed by police at an apartment complex in southern Indiana this week.

On Friday, police defend the officer’s actions. Watch it in the player above.

Police already said that 65-year-old Richard Glass fired upon them before he was shot, but they now say their concerns were compounded by a previous encounter and knowledge that he had a substance abuse disorder.

Police said the incident began around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday as a welfare check. Neighbors called police about a disturbance.

When police arrived, they said he did not believe officers were truly officers, and said he thought someone was hacking his phone.

Police said at one point, he fired shots toward police, and eventually, a Jeffersonville SWAT officer fired back once and struck him. Read our previous story here.

According to police, Glass was a combat veteran who had a “chemical dependency.”

Lt. Sam Moss says an internal investigation will be completed, which he says is standard practice. ISP will also conduct separate investigation, he says.

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