How Sushi Ko’s Business Fared After Kitchen Nightmares


When Gordon Ramsay decided to see what was happening in the kitchen, he discovered multiple potential health hazards, including the kitchen staff’s lack of hats or hair nets and a broken refrigerator and fryer. Ramsay decided they needed to bring back Akira’s self-confidence and passion for cooking to revive the restaurant. The “Kitchen Nightmares” host gave the family more than a pep talk. He helped provide some much-needed new equipment for the kitchen (including several functional refrigerators and fryers), revamped decor, and welcome upgrades to the menu. That’s right, no more sushi pizza.

By the end of the episode, things were going better for Sushi Ko. However, a search for a new location was unsuccessful, and the business couldn’t rebound from debts and past failures. Sushi Ko’s Thousand Oaks location has since been home to a deli, an Umami Burger, and now hosts a California Pizza Kitchen.

According to his page on Harri, Akira is now a purchaser and exporter of cosmetics. The Hatae kids, Hana and Sammy, have moved away from the restaurant business to work in design and photography. The Hatae family appears to be happy and well. They went to a Grateful Dead concert recently, according to Hana’s Instagram.

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