Grahame and Brian Lesh Take Part in Grateful Dead Gameshow


Watch: Grahame and Brian Lesh Take Part in Grateful Dead Gameshow ‘Guess The Year’

Phil Lesh’s sons Grahame and Brian have sat down and participated in the Grateful Dead game show known as Guess The Year. In the episode, which can be streamed on YouTube, the brothers are presented with five live tracks from the Grateful Dead’s archive and guess the year. In addition, the group chats about other topics related to music and their father’s storied career. 

In the episode, Grahame discusses how he, as a Phil Lesh and Friends regular, sets up newcomers to the Grateful Dead catalog for success onstage. They also traverse a dialogue about the impending Sunday Daydream festival–the second volume is scheduled to take place on August 27 and features the original bassist of the Dead, and frequent collaborators, billed as the All-Stars. 

In addition to the previously mentioned topics, the group chats about the pros and cons of having two pianists on stage, something the Grateful Dead tried out with Bruce Hornsby and Vince Welnick. They also look at how Phil, Grahame, and Brian identify musicians who could play Grateful Dead music and recruit them.

Before ending the video, they work in a talk about Bob Weir’s unique rhythm guitar playing and how it informed the Grateful Dead’s unusual time signatures. To cap the conversation, Grahame and Brian discuss their evolution from being aware of the Grateful Dead as their dad’s job as children to being immersed in the music themselves.

Guess The Year episode has been added to Youtube and can be streamed below, or listen via Apple Podcast or Spotify.

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