Experience the music of the Grateful Dead: Nashville


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August 19, 2023 (All day)

Get ready to boogie down to the music of the Grateful Dead as the Nashville Social Club sets the stage for an electric dance party with Northern California’s Deadbeats.

August 19, 2023
7:30 pm

Nashville Social Club, 1105 S Carson St


The Deadbeats understand that the music of the Dead is best live. With their inaugural performance on August 4, 1994 they immediately struck a resonant chord with a capacity crowd. It was an unmistakable indicator that they were tapping into something profound – an ineffable sound that encapsulated the spirit of a Grateful Dead concert.

Over the years, band members have rotated but the core group continues with great shows and big crowds. The current lineup includes Tom Menig, Gary Campus, Eric Menig, Rob Kopp, Glenn Tucker, Peter Wilson and Jenn Knapp.

The Deadbeats journey into the Grateful Dead’s songbook is a blend of masterful improvisation and a reverence for the original compositions. Guitarist Peter Wilson says, “The songs have taken on a life of their own – they still go deep. When you start in to ‘Sugar Magnolia’ or ‘Truckin’ there’s a joy that comes off the crowd that just lifts up the room. We’re right there with them.” Guitarist Tom Menig adds, “We just love to jam…”

The legacy cast by the Grateful Dead is one for the ages, having played over 2300 live performances during their three-decade tenure. Even as offshoots like The Other Ones and Dead and Company continue to amass devoted followings, the gravitational pull of the original ensemble’s music remains, drawing in new crowds. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized them with a listing under the heading, “most rock concerts performed.”

The Deadbeats bring to life the Grateful Dead’s songbook with a sublime equilibrium between free-spirited improvisation and reverence for the music. They have become one of the west coats most beloved keepers of the flame for The Grateful Dead’s music, community and family of fans.

The Nashville Social Club combines Southern food with intimate entertainment. “We are passionate about boutique presentations,” says proprietor John Procaccini. While many venues try to create larger-than-life experiences, Nashville Social Club celebrates the close-knit concert. Their Swan Music Hall features state-of-the-art sound and lights with a spacious dance floor.

Make your reservations for dinner early! 775-515-0020.

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