Electronic music festival keeping some Monroe County reside…


TUNKHANNOCK TWP., Pa. – Late-night festival music is keeping some Monroe County residents awake late at night – well past midnight.

They’re complaining about an event going on right now at Pocono Raceway in Tunkhannock Township and say organizers should consider families with children and people who have to work.

Within the Elements Music and Arts Festival parking lot, the base is bumping, which is to be expected at an electronic music festival. What some people within the township say is not expected is being able to hear the music from miles away and past midnight.

It’s a sound festival goers want to hear. Some Monroe County residents, though, say not so much.

“It gets annoying. 2,3 a.m. in the morning, it’s going off,” said Jason Dijanni, who lives off 115.

Dijanni says it’s what’s being played at Pocono Raceway and when it’s allowed to be played that’s frustrating.

“On a Thursday! I mean, on a Friday, ok,” he added. “They do a laser light show over there, too, every year, and that’s not even as bad as this.”

He’s not alone in his frustrations. Nearly five miles from the raceway, another woman says Thursday night, she barely slept.

“Basically, we were both up all night,” said Jennifer Iannaco. “Cursing and stuff, and this morning, I called State Rep. Jack Rader. They said when they came in in the morning, there were so many voicemails, and they had been getting calls all morning.”

Rep. Rader’s office confirmed they received multiple complaints about the music coming from Pocono Raceway after midnight Thursday. They say they directed people to Tunkhannock Township.

“I talked with a sergeant with Pocono Regional, and he said he had a lot of complaints, too, but his hands are tied because the township allowed this,” alleged Iannaco.

We asked Jennifer Iannaco about what she’d say to people who say she chose to live next to the raceway, that’s known for its races and big events.

“I’ve lived here for 14 years, and the thing is the raceway has progressed to this,” she said.

Jason says he doesn’t mind the other events held at the raceway; this one, though, is particularly annoying.

“Eh, we’ll live with it. Not much we can really do. Money is money. I bet the racetrack is making boat loads of money during that,” he added.

We called Tunkhannock Township about the late festival music heard, in some instances, for miles. We did not get a call back, but an official said it was only time before a news outlet called about the complaints.

We also reached out to Pocono Raceway for comment. So far, 69 News has not heard back from them.

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