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The 95th edition of the Kenya Music Festival will be held at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology from Friday, August 10,2023.

 Adjudicators, festival officials and performing teams are expected to arrive at the institution today.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Nurturing Talent for Innovation and National Development.”

Kenya National Music Festival Executive Secretary Janet Langat said, “I am looking forward to an exciting festival where participants can express themselves, make new friends and also tour the country during the festival period.”

The Kenya Music Festival aims to assist the Ministry of Education in fulfilling its mandate by providing learning experiences in and out of the classroom.

The national event has been held annually since 1928 apart from 2020 and 2021 when it was suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Kenya National Music Festival Executive Secretary Janet Langat, the festival is the Ministry of Education’s largest arts event, hosting hundreds of thousands of participants each year.

The 95th Kenya Music Festival promises to create memorable experiences for all participants and stakeholders.

Maria Soti Girls will be presenting a choral verse produced by Dr Jane Mugo and written by Steve Biko. The choral verse is sponsored by Uraia Trust. The piece will be presented by Ivy Wanjiku, Oarpetua Biego, Sandra Barto, Abigael Murei, Jane Wairimu, Abigael Cherambos, Mercy Okani, Joyleen Kenei and Juliet Chepchumba.

The choral verse anchors on the role of youth in elections. It encourages them to shun voter apathy.

Singore Girls High School from Elgeyo Marakwet County will present a choral verse sponsored by Uraia Trust. They are trained by Lusimba Agrippina and Casmir Obiero. The verse entitled Answer to Samantha urges young Kenyans to participate in electoral processes.

Nakuru West Secondary School’s choral verse under Uraia Trust also explores the issue of voting among the youth. It castigates the youth for complaining and blaming the old for electing bad leaders instead of taking part in the electoral processes.

Dawamu School will perform a song sponsored by Kenya Railways. They will also present western instrumentals.

Sukari Presbyterian Academy will present 15 items at the festivals. The school is coached by Mr Naftali Kinyua, Mr Amos Mugambi and P Olunye.

Other schools from Central Kenya region include Gathirimu Girls High School, Ndumberi Girls, Alliance Girls High School, Loreto Girls, Mary Hill, Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls and Wahundura Boys High School.

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