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Bulgaria has its representative at the prestigious World Folklore Festival, which ‎will be held from August 15 to 19 in the city of Namur, Belgium. Bulgaria’s ‎representative folklore ensemble “Orpheus” at the House of Culture in ‎Kardzhali has a rich repertoire, but the Belgian audience will hear the best ‎musical samples from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. ‎

Located in the French part of the country, 55 kilometers from the capital ‎Brussels, the city of Namur is known for its numerous festivals that are ‎organized throughout the year. Among them is that of street art, which takes ‎place in May together with the international poetry festival. Summer is the time ‎for music festivals, followed by the traditional autumn holidays of the Wallonia ‎region, festivals of French, short and popular science cinema, as well as the ‎usual winter Christmas markets. Among the rich cultural kaleidoscope, which ‎covers all seasons, is also the World Folklore Festival, and the Bulgarian ‎participation in it is a first for our country.

‎”The organization is made so that in five different shows we present our ‎programs in halls with more than 700 seats”, Mariyana Likova, director of the ‎House of Culture in Kardzhali, told BNR-Kardzhali. “We will show everything ‎that represents Bulgaria – different rhythms, costumes, mood.”‎

Apart from Bulgaria, groups from Argentina, Bangladesh, Italy, Paraguay, ‎Singapore, as well as the host country – Belgium, participate in the festival.‎

‎”In each of the five evenings, all participating countries present different ‎programs. The organizers are making a show in which they show the different ‎traditional dances and music of each of them – Marijana Likova pointed out ‎and added: “We had the right to choose which country to go to, but we chose ‎Belgium, since we have not been on tour before there”.‎

Based on an interview of Stanislava Georgieva from BNR-Kadzhali

Edited by Joan Kolev

Translation and publication by Rositsa Petkova

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