Ar-T to join at the K Wonder Music festival


Singer Ar-T will perform at the K Wonder Music festival which will be held at the One Entertainment park on May 3.

Korean top singers such as Bumkey, Kuna, Bewhy, Nautilius will also join the show. The ticket prices are Ks 40,000, Ks 50,000 and Ks 80,000 each. Tickets can also be bought online.

“It is the second time that I’ve joined a Korean music show. I’ve prepared well for this show physically and for the performance. My creations for 2019 will be vary from the past. I will show my new creation at this show. I will sing my new song with the help from ten dancers,” said Ar-T.

Bumkey is a R&B and Rap musician from south Korea and he is a popular musician in South Korea. His creations attract the music lovers. Luma is a female singer and prominent as a musical actress in South Korea.

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