Oregon woman found dead accused Calhoun of domestic


Ashley Real’s body was found in May in Clackamas County. In November of 2022, she reportedly accused Jesse Calhoun of domestic violence.

PORTLAND, Oregon — One of the four women found dead in Oregon accused the man identified as a person of interest in the investigations just months before her death. 

The Willamette Week newspaper reports that in November of last year Ashley Real, 22, filed an allegation of domestic violence against 38-year-old Jesse Calhoun. 

Real’s remains were discovered by deputies on May 7 in a heavily wooded area near Eagle Creek, off Southeast Judd Road in rural Clackamas County. 

Her father, Jose Real, told The Associated Press on Friday that he called police on Nov. 11 after she showed up, crying, at his Portland home, saying she had been choked by Calhoun. She had marks on her throat, he said, and he took her to a hospital.

A Portland police officer took an initial report from Real and his daughter and she gave the officer Calhoun’s name. Police wanted her to help find him but she was scared to do so, he said.

Because the location of the alleged assault was outside Portland police jurisdiction, the department referred the case to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Real said he never heard back from the sheriff’s office, even though he and his wife called repeatedly.

Real had last been seen in late March and a missing person report was filed with Portland police on April 4, 2023.

Authorities are not releasing the domestic violence report because of the pending death investigation. 

Real said he was grateful his daughter was found and he can visit her remains in a Clackamas County cemetery.

“I can tell her, ‘Daddy’s here, mija … you know how much I miss you,’” Real said, using an affectionate Spanish term for daughter.

Calhoun is a person of interest in the deaths of four women who’s bodies were found over over the past six months. He has not been charged with any crimes connected to their deaths, and police have yet to publicly identify him as the person of interest. The Willamette Week was the first to report his name after authorities released information saying they had connected the four cases to one person. 

Calhoun is currently back in prison, having been arrested in early June on unrelated parole violation charges. 

KGW has obtained court documents dating back to 2007 that show Calhoun’s previous criminal history. A former girlfriend claims that while drinking in a bar in Baker County in November of 2007, Calhoun grabbed her by the throat to the point she could not breathe. A short time later, Calhoun punched her repeatedly in the head and arm. Court documents show that a year later, Calhoun was accused of pulling her off a bike and dragging her 50 feet across a parking lot.

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Much more recently Calhoun is accused of threatening the father of another girlfriend’s children. It’s all laid out in a stalking protective order filed in Clackamas County court in May of 2022. 

“I know everything about you dude,” Calhoun texted the father in April of last year. “Everywhere you go. What you do. Stop f****** with Krista dude. I’m going to tell this to you only once.”

“You are a cocky son of a b**** that will always get yours when the time is right,” Calhoun texted one day later.

A judge would eventually deny the father’s request for the stalking protective order, saying he did not prove a basis for the order.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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