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JOPLIN, Mo. — The “JOMO Jammin’ Music Festival” by Connect2Culture wraps up this evening.

It’s safe to say it’s been a successful comeback after each show saw over one hundred in attendance.

These concerts were brought back this year after the pandemic and while the Harry M. Cornell Arts and Entertainment Complex was being built.

Tonight, Connect2Culture offered quite the jazz show at the Beshore Performance Hall inside the Harry M. Cornell Arts and Entertainment Complex.

Guests were treated to live music from JOMO Jazz and NWA Jazz and More Orchestra.

“We’ve seen a lot more families enjoying this. They bring out their blankets, they have the kids running around, rolling down the hill in the back and just having a great time as a family. We’re kind of growing in this space and we want people to take a part in it and kind of create the culture of the venue,” said Emily Frankoski, Connect2Culture Executive Director.

Good news – the shows will be back again sometime next year.

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