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UFC legend Mark Coleman blazed a trail in the octagon like a boss. The ‘Godfather of Ground and Pound,’ as he was known to all, was a monstrous fighter whose raw strength and persistence allowed him to overwhelm his opponents. Coleman had a significant influence on the sport as both the first-ever UFC Heavyweight Champion and a forerunner in MMA .

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The heavyweight bigwig has gained attention recently due to his projected return to the world of combat sports. But did you know? The legendary heavyweight has experienced a tougher time in his life. Well, he had a lot to say about remembering that phase and how he came out of its clutches.

Mark Coleman shed light on that frightening phase


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On his Instagram handle, Coleman had a bossing story to share regarding his personal life. He spilled his guts on how he suffered in that frightening phase and also managed to come out of it.

The ten-slide-post had a caption, which was enough to paint the entire picture. It stated, “Two years three months ago and me today was almost dead very close. I had been drinking and doing drugs for 12 years straight. The doctor gave me a handicap sticker absolutely ZERO training! I was living in an extended stay hotel a dump for over a year and a half I didn’t shave I didn’t shower long as I had my booze I thought life was fine, my best friend Wes Sims, convinced me to check in to the hospital to detox and then I committed to a rehabilitation center in Columbus, Ohio. It was the best decision choice I have ever made. They told me the skill to live life sober, and now I have saved my life. This is me today.”

The 58-year-old further stated how laid back he is in the recent times, “I’ve never been more at peace, more happy more life in my entire life. I am so grateful.”

Coleman’s words make it evident how proud he is of his journey. When he described his current circumstances, he appeared enthusiastic. As his remarks indicate; it was a hard voyage, but now that he had arrived, he must be feeling at ease and calm. Speaking of the anecdote, the heavyweight bigwig also had a funny one in the past with UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

An amusing incident with Joe Rogan?

Podcast host and commentator Joe Rogan is widely known for delivering hilarious hoots capable of contagious guffaws echoing across the MMA world. He might be admired for his martial arts expertise, but it seemed tiny in front of the heavyweight legend. A YouTube video from the past revealed the entire story. During a quick-witted wrestling session, Rogan was pushed into a wall, revealing he was no match for Coleman in the altercation.


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The interaction between the two appeared comical, but Rogan had previously experienced another episode with Coleman that he didn’t find amusing. Rogan discussed a time when he panicked and became anxious during an interview with Coleman.

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Coleman had a lot revolving around his life. While his anticipated return is coming closer, it will be interesting to see how he penetrates the combat sports world. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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