“I Had Gotten Close”: Cody Rhodes Comes Clean on His


Sometimes unexpected things can help us redeem ourselves. When Cody Rhodes was losing himself earlier in his career, it was his passion for the business that brought him back. The American Nightmare discussed this during a recent interview with ‘Sports Illustrated’. The interviewer referenced Rhodes’ mother while talking by mentioning one of her lines from the documentary. He wanted the wrestler to call back to the time his mother mentioned a difficult time in Rhodes’ life.

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The 38-year-old did exactly the same. While recalling the hard times of his life, Rhodes also explained what exactly helped him redeem himself from his issues. And he gave a lot of credit to the audience who were present during his matches.

Cody Rhodes’ road to redemption


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During his ‘Sports Illustrated’ interview, Rhodes faced a question. It appears the interviewer watched the recently released ‘American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes documentary. From the documentary, he recalled Rhodes’ mother’s words where she thought the wrestler would end up ‘dead’ or ‘in jail’. Then, the interviewer also mentioned Rhodes’ drinking problem. When asked about this phase of his, Rhodes couldn’t help but recall the things that helped him redeem himself from this part of his life.

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There were so many ‘lightning in a bottle’ moments, or ‘brass rings’ as they were always called here, in my career that I had gotten close,” recalled the former AEW superstar. He mentioned the ‘Money in the Bank’ of 2013 while talking about such a ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment. Back in the day, even though the World Heavyweight Ladder Match had prominent names on the match card, Rhodes had stolen the show away.

‘Stardust’s moves captured the audience such that there were recitations of ‘Cody’ chants in the Wells Fargo Center. In the SI interview also, Rhodes felt grateful and credited the audience for helping him, “Had I never tasted it, I would have not wanted it, maybe. Or maybe I wouldn’t have known just how special and sweet that connection with the audience could be.

After having tasted what the love of the audience is like, Rhodes worked on himself. Eventually, taking one step at a time, he overcame his issues and has now become a father and a fan favorite.

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This fighting spirit is not something solely present in Cody Rhodes but also in his brother, Dustin Rhodes.


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Cody Rhodes’ brother fought a big battle to get his life on track

For those of you who are unaware, Dustin had a ‘drug problem’ that he had to deal with for a significant part of his life. The problem was grave enough to affect his personal, as well as, professional life.

Not that long ago, Dustin took to Twitter to talk about the issue of addiction. He particularly wanted to highlight that recovery works and help is out there for people who are ready to change their lives for the better.


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‘Goldust’ and his younger brother are living proof that an individual can change their lives for the better if they are willing to. While Dustin had to seek help for his extreme situation, in Cody’s case, help was there all along and he just had to realize it.

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