Weymouth musician Mosher plays on new Tracy Nelson


Tracy Nelson, a 1960s rock and blues legend, recently released "Life Don’t Miss Nobody," her first album in over 10 years.

Sometimes when you get into a story, you find a thread that leads to another equally interesting story. Let’s start with a rock and blues legend from the 1960s, releasing her first album in over a decade, a triumphant tour de force with several notable guests. Then a small liner note contains the information that part of the album was recorded in a Weymouth studio, and following that thread leads to a story about a contemporary jazz artist who now makes the South Shore his home. A superb new album, from a septuagenarian rock/blues icon, led us to a 30-something Renaissance man in Weymouth.

Tracy Nelson returns

Tracy Nelson’s album has been out less than a month, but “Life Don’t Miss Nobody,” on BMG Records, has been gathering accolades nationwide, a sterling return to action for a singer whose last album was in 2011.

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